My trolley is a Waslin- golf trolley, the only one I can find that resembles it is the pro rider?
It seems like the axle pin on one side of my trolley has snapped, it doesn’t seem like its a split pin but a solid piece of metal going through the axle. I have ordered a new one but is seems like the old one won’t budge. Have you any idea how to help?

The original type of pins were solid of axle pins. They are difficult to knock out. They do come out and are not welded in place or anything. I would try covering it in WD40 overnight and then try hammering it out again. If this doesn’t work then heating the axle around the pin should expand the metal enough to loosen away any seized metal parts. The newer style golf trolley axle pins and replacements are all sprung high tensile split pins.

Older solid axle pin can be difficult to remove. (70mm from end of axle)

golf trolley new axle pin

Later model golf trolley axle split roll pin (40mm from end of axle)

Just to let you know, the old pin came out like you said, got the new ones this morning and all back up and running.
Just wanted to say I appreciate all your help.


  1. Comment by Mark Higgins

    Mark Higgins Reply 11th June 2018 at 09:29

    Thanks for that, I have soaked it in WD40 and will try again, other than that I thought about drilling it out using a 4mm drill bit??

    • Comment by Support Staff

      Support Staff Reply 11th June 2018 at 10:27

      Mark, Yes, if the WD40 doesn’t work and heating the axle around the pin is proving not to work. The final solution would be a 4mm drill bit.

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