Golf trolley not connecting to the wheels

I have this trolley but now the motor works but is not connecting to the wheels.

Can you please suggest what I can do to correct this.

This sounds like all is working except the trolley is not got any power driving the wheels forward.  Best thing to do is check to see if the axle is turning when you put the speed dial on and drive forward.  If the axle is turning and the wheels are not then it is usually easily fixed.  The component or golf trolley spare needed is most likely the golf trolley wheel clutch and is a very common part to be replaced.
Check list is to check
  • The wheels are fitted correctly and on the correct side if they have been removed recently.
  • Check the clutches by way of looking at our tests on the support page under “golf trolley clutch test
  • Also on the support page will give you tests , fitting and purchasing link.

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