The right hand wheel is faster than the left – do i need a new clutch on the left side? If yes do you have one and how much. PS: When turning the wheels by hand the right hand side is resisting the left free wheels.

If your electric golf trolley is pulling to the left or the right hand wheel is faster than the left wheel, then this usually indicates the left wheel clutch is slipping and not providing enough turning speed. It will be especially noticeable under load like a hill or bumpy ground etc. You would need to purchase a pair of clutches. Many people find changing one only puts strain on the other and they find they need to get the other side replaced anyway.

If one wheel has no power at all compared to the other then it would be advisable to check a few things before purchasing new wheel clutches.  Or if the trolley has no wheels turning then;

  1. Check the wheels are on the correct side.  Simple but sometimes overlooked this can cause no drive in the trolley at all.
  2. Check the wheels are engaged with the axle drive pins.  If the wheel is sitting slightly out from the drive pin (a couple of millimeters) then this can miss the drive from the rear axle.
  3. Check the axle pin is not broken or missing.  This also can cause the wheel not to get any drive from the axle.

Once these checks have been done, it is recommended to go to check the wheel clutches themselves.  These can sometimes be sticky and work on testing but under strain i.e. on the trolley with bag and over bumpy ground the drive can come a go and be intermittent.

For further information on golf trolley wheel clutches and how they work see the post for clutches.

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