golf trolley controller stuck on top speed

I purchased a Pro-Force golf trolley just over 3 years ago. It has been running fine until earlier this week. It would only run at max speed with 7 displayed, the a, b, c, function was still in working order. After looking at your site and looked through the fault finder it appeared the fault would be rectified replacing the speed control switch.

After taking the switch out, I put it back I to the trolley before ordering a replacement switch, the a, b, c, function was still working and the trolley had power. Whilst doing this I knocked over my spare battery which caused it to be pulled out of the battery plug on the trolley. This caused damage to the plug on the battery and now requires a new battery lead. I then plugged my other battery into the trolley and now I have no power to the trolley at all. Could it be that I now need to replace the trolley control unit?

If this the problem I notice on your site the controller you have in stock is now 9 speed. If I am following the photographs correctly my trolley has the yellow handle as shown with the trolley controller and my circuit board looks the same as photographed with the controller, mine has the same number with the only difference being the date, mi e is dated 2016. Many thanks hope you can follow me ok

Many thanks for your full explanation. As I was going through the email I start to form opinions of what the fault may be. So the first thing I noticed was the Pro Rider golf trolley only running at speed 7. I know a broken speed control switch would stop the scrolling function for changing the speeds on the display and the speed to the motor via the controller (under the battery tray). If the golf trolley is stuck on 7 even if you switch it off and on, then this usually indicates the controller box itself has malfunctioned.

A common fault with the battery lead is what you describe when the golf trolley fell over or the battery gets accidentally pulled off while still plugged into the trolley socket. This usually damages the connector sleeves on the battery lead connector side (inside the 3 holes of the battery lead connector are the connection metal sleeves). It causes a lack of electrical connection and hence this is why your golf trolley has no power if I got that part correct.

I would think a new controller and battery lead should get you all back to full working order. Just be careful of the controller, as there are a few different type controllers that are only compatible with their respective handle circuits.

Here is a list of electric golf trolley controllers and their partnering handle circuits.

The following are are the controllers that need to be accompanied by their respective handle circuits. If any of these are installed differently to what is shown they will not work or blow the controller.


S1G-12V-8-J-9 must have the square circuit

SIG-T2D3-J-12 must have the circuit D64186

S3D-G-USB-12V-22A must have the circuit D-62145 or D-61337

Let me know if you need any other help or if I have got anything wrong.

Thanks for your response, I realised I would need a new battery lead, the damaged one is off my spare battery and I already have another lead to replace on the battery.

Regarding the controller and circuit, I have attached photographs of the type fitted to my trolley. I can see the controller I am going to need is the middle one you have listed SIG-T2D3-J-12. Before I go ahead and order the controller from your site. Can I just check that I will be ordering the right part, as in the description it mentions the new 9-speed controller, as mine is only 7 speed will it be compatible?

As far as the circuit is concerned, I have the right shaped board and on taking it out found the same model number as you quoted above, so I am assuming I have the right circuit and it will work with the new controller I am going to order from you.

Thanks for the photos, this makes it easy to know. The controller is the S1G-T2D3-J-12V Store no. SKU108. Yes, the middle item on the 4th. row. The speed difference if any is fine it may be just 7 speeds, I’m not sure. But you are correct in saying you have the compatible handle circuit.

Further to previous emails, I still have no power to my Proforce golf trolley.  I have changed the controller and the speed switch, and yet there is still no power. I have ensured my battery was fully charged but still no power. I have checked as far as I can the main wiring, your site suggests damage to the wiring may occur in the folding mechanism, but on looking at the fold there’s no damage to the rubber covering.

What does the handle circuit board do, is it possible the problem could lie in a faulty circuit board?


For complete power failure then normally when the power stops completely, i.e. nothing to the display (complete power off). Then it is a connection somewhere along the line.  Most frequently it is the battery lead connection. Either the 3 pin connector or less likely the battery terminal connection, but it can come from any wire. It is possible the power fault could lie with the circuit board but I would go over the connections first. I would recommend going around wiggling some wires to see if anything causes the trolley to power up or not. Also, try going around the wires and connections with some WD40.  Do this by unplugging and replugging connectors, especially if the battery lead is OK.

Good old WD40, you can always rely on it.  After a good old spray and a bit of a wiggle with the wiring, I have got power and its running. Hopefully all well now.

Thanks for your your help and advice.

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  1. Hi I have a pro force 9 speed trolley all was working fine now it only goes one speed flat out I’ve changed the speed switch, still same runs flat out, everything works, ie the 3 distance settings also dial goes from 0 to 9 so looking at posts on here it’s the control unit, mine is model no s1g-12v-t2d3-j9 can I get one kind regards paul

    1. Hi Paul, yes with a working speed switch then if it’s stuck on top speed it definitely seems like the controller. We have the model no s1g-12v-t2d3-j9 on the store.

  2. Alan Spencer

    Hi, I need a replacement speed controller for my pro- rider golf trolley. The part No I need replacing is
    S1G-12V-22A-8-CE.. Can you please advise a new replacement . Many Thanks Alan.

    1. Alan, If your trolley has the original black T handle, then the SKU2107 would be the correct part. Just notice the photos on the store along with the controller SKU2107

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