Golf trolley just stops in a round and the power just switches off

I have a PRO FORCE electric trolley purchased 3 years ago. I am experiencing a problem that cause the trolley to struggle on the course and occasionally power off.
It starts back up again, but it runs for a while, then power cuts again. We have a hilly course, and it is a struggle. Initially, I thought it was a battery problem, so I purchased a new lithium battery. But this has not solve the problem. I purchased a new power box elsewhere,  but this was the wrong model from the one on my trolley, I want to ensure this is the cause of the problem.  If you could throw some light on this I would be most grateful.

Normally the battery not getting the power (low voltage) to the trolley can cause the trolley to power off.  Also check the golf trolley battery lead connection is reliable.
Most controllers although some look similar are very specific to the handle circuit board, so even a slight difference between the two components will render the trolley not to work properly.
Its always advisable when looking around to purchase the golf trolley controller and handle circuit board together as can be found on our online shop.

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  1. I have a 2 yr old Proforce trolley and the control panel appears to have malfunctioned. It clicks into gear, sets off and then suddenly it clicks from 0-1 then skips to 7th gear and then back to 0 without touching the round control button. The battery is charged so it’s not that. Could the round control button be broke and I’d so can you get a spare one. Thank you Ian Hall

    1. The first thing to see if the trolley is erratic when turning the speed control up or down or if turning the speed control switch knob makes it change in any strange way. If not I would suggest it could either be the handle circuit (PCB) or controller box. There is no clear way of telling which one could be causing the problem, only the handle circuit display usually displays strangely if defective.

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