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Hi, I have found you on the internet. My trolley has never properly worked. I didn’t play more than once a month when I got it but have taken it up again & tried to use trolley but can’t as i just can’t control it . I read with interest n your web a readers problem (D Holt 15th August 2018). My control problem was similar to his.  Based on your reply I have just removed the handle. Here’s a pic ( to follow ) Looks like the circuit is still in plaster cover & has melted onto some of the wires.  What do you suggest I do to rectify things?

Shows inside the handle controls

The picture you sent of the handle circuit looked in good condition. What looks like melted plastic is in fact correct, but its there as a kind of waterproof backup for the connections on the golf trolley circuit board. It is virtually the same as waterproof household silicone, but in a plastic-type injection to hold the connectors in place.

I had a look at my old email and Mr. Holt had an issue with the trolley shooting away at full speed as soon as it was plugged into the battery without even turning it on. Normally the speed control rotational switch can get bumped and cause the speed to not work properly but that usually shows when trying to adjust the speed up and down. There is a test here for the speed switch.  In this case, he bought a new controller unit (the box under the battery tray). There is a web page that explains and also a video on removing the golf trolley controller which guides you through removing the faulty controller and replacing it with a new one.

Yours, if it has the same symptoms, is most likely an S3D… golf trolley controller but I would check the model number on the back of the controller box first before ordering a new one.

Available on the spares page 3rd row down.

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  1. Davina Sutherland

    I have a Stowamatic golf trolley purchased years ago from Amazon. I was ill a few years ago and gave up golf. My grandson would like my trolley but charged the battery and nothing happened. Any advice? Cant find the instructions. 2 green buttons with the speed controller in the middle of them. Not used that often.

  2. Hi there, I’ve recently been given a slowmatic electric golf trolley. Now I’m getting power up to the control panel but I’m not getting any movement from the wheels I’ve tried two different battery’s but having no luck. Could you steer me in the right direction please. Many thanks

  3. I have an old stowmatic trolley they I have acquired, the battery charges fine, but the speed controller works intermittently, it keeps dropping out the drive to the wheels constantly.
    Thoughts on the problem, would be helpful.

  4. Hello and hope you can help. I have a stomatic golf trolly that has been working fine for a while now but it has developed a fault whereby it just stops and the display shows an EO error code. Can switch it off and back on to clear but it returns quite quickly. Also after this the speed will not go faster than 3 and if you try to increase it the red light on the right of the display flashes.
    Have tested the battery which appears to be fine.
    Any advice wore greatly appreciated.

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