Speed Control Switch

Speed Control Switch

What is a Golf Trolley Speed Control Switch

The other name for the spare part is sometimes referred to as a potentiometer or pot original name being a rheostat. This component acts as a speed control switch for a golf trolley by way of increasing the speed of the motor through a control stepping up of Amps

Damage to the Speed Control Switch

The golf trolley speed control switch is a common spare to go wrong.  It is nearly always damaged inadvertently from getting a knock on the speed knob.  This damaged the stem of the switch and causes it to lose connection either all the way through the speeds or partially through the speeds of the motor.

damaged speed control switch
Damaged switch

Note the stem of this damaged switch is leaning this becomes very loose through being knocked or bumped by an object or sometimes when packing away in the boot or similar.

Video of normal damage to an electric golf trolley speed control switch

Notice the movement in the stem of the switch from side to side.  This is usually caused by a blow to the speed switch rotary knob.  Sometimes when packing and folding away, it can get accidentally hit.  With the speed switch stem then unable to get a uniform connection when turning the knob stem around.  The connection at the potentiometer is interrupted and hence the speed numbers jump from low to high and don’t scroll smoothly through the speeds set by the golf trolley controller.

Testing and Fitting the Speed Switch

Testing and fixing the speed control switch is fairly easy by way of checking the trolley for erratic speed setting when increasing or decreasing the speed on the switch.  See the support page for help. Depending on the model of golf trolley you have the determines how easy to replace the control switch is.  Fitting a new one is easy and tricky at the same time.

Video on replacing the electric golf trolley speed control switch

Showing the broken to one in place and the new switch shows the speed on the handle circuit scrolling smoothly and working well again.

T Handle Golf Trolley Speed Control Switch

These models can be replaced by removing the back of the handle unplugging the switch and removing the nut on the outside of the handle by way of a spanner.

speed control switch and knob in place
Speed control switch and knob in place

Round & Coloured Handle Housing

The round handles golf trolleys with the smaller knob are slightly more difficult as they require either a long socket or point nose pliers to remove the nut.

Round handle Speed Control Switch
Round handle Speed Control Switch







63 responses to “Speed Control Switch”

  1. Kevin Evans avatar
    Kevin Evans

    will this switch fit a Mottocady S1 2010

    1. Support Staff avatar
      Support Staff

      No I don’t believe this is the correct switch for any of the Motocaddy golf trolleys.

  2. George avatar

    Do you have a cable for the Hillbilly allterain – it is the cable from the handle to the motor it has six wires – green – black – purple – black -red and yellow

    With kindly request

    George van Nieuwenhuizen
    Mobile +31653168229

    1. jimmathieson avatar

      Hi George Unfortunately we don’t have the hillbilly wires in stock but hope to have shortly.


  3. Derrick Hardy avatar
    Derrick Hardy

    Hi Would you have that would fit a masters EVO RS trolley

    1. jimmathieson avatar

      Speed Control Switch ConnectorMany of the switches are standard-fitting like this one. I am not sure of your specific model of the trolley, so the best thing to do would be to check the connections with our photos. Ours is a 10K pot. Hope this helps, JM

    2. Colin Sanders avatar
      Colin Sanders

      Hi Derrick

      I notice in your post that you enquired about the same item I’m searching for. Did you find a replacement if so can i trouble you for details.

      Colin Sanders

  4. Steve Smith avatar
    Steve Smith

    I have replaced my Pro rider electric golf trolley motor, but when I switch ON all it wants to do is go at full speed. Even when I adjust speed control knob it just stays at full speed. Could you please point me in the right direction as to what I may need to replace.
    Rgds Steve

    1. Support Staff avatar
      Support Staff

      If your display LED is lighting up normally then chances are it is likely to be the S1 controller box (under the battery tray) which has malfunctioned and not the handle’s circuit board (PCB). We supply the newer upgraded 9 speed S1 controller which will fit perfectly in place of your original. It has 3 separate / different plug-in connectors, this keeps it simple to replace.

  5. DAVID HOLT avatar

    I have a 2 year old Stowmatic GXT golf trolley. When I turn the speed control switch there is approx 2 sec delay and then the trolley wants to go at full speed even though the display is . When I try and alter the speed it doesnt react then it will be going at a snails pace or at full speed. I have changed the speed control button but it didnt have any effect. Do you think it is the electronic control board causing the problems?

    1. Support Staff avatar
      Support Staff

      Ahh, This is a difficult one to say without the test bench. I would have though also it was the speed control switch. I have seen it being the handle PCB and also the controller. If the display is working as normal (no corruptions in any way) then I would think the controller is most likely to be causing this irregularity. To be honest it is very difficult to know. Of course you are welcome to send both the golf trolley handle circuit and controller to me and I will put them on the test bench and let you know, only charge is for the cost of the returning them to you, or in with a purchase if you end up buying a spare part. Please email me on admin @ electricgolftrolley.net and I will take you through the procedure to send them for testing.

    2. RAY HILL avatar
      RAY HILL


      1. Jim avatar

        I can’t find your name or email under any order of spares. Let me know your order No. and I will try to see what I can do to help.

  6. Nardini avatar

    My pro rider seems to have 1 speed and its to fast the adjuster does not seem to alter the speed yet it is not damaged or loose what is the likely fault and how best to repair it
    Suggestions please

    1. Support Staff avatar
      Support Staff

      It is always difficult to determine exactly but in many occasions when the trolley jams on / off and at high speed and the speed control switch is working then the S1 controller (located under the battery tray) is faulty and needs replaced. A new controller will simply plug in place of the original. Available in the online store.

  7. Christopher avatar

    My pro rider is jumping from speeds, it goes from 1,2,3,4,5 back to 0 then to 9, sounds like a speed control switch going by other comments?

    1. jimmathieson avatar

      Yes this fits the Pro Force golf trolley. If the golf trolley speed jumps around when adjusting the speed knob then it is most likely the speed switch itself.

  8. Shane avatar

    Will this switch fit my pro-force trolley. If so will it fix the problem of jumping to top speed when set on a lower speed.

    1. jimmathieson avatar

      Yes this fits the Pro Force golf trolley. If the speed numbers are difficult to adjust i.e. when turning up or down it doesn’t move then jumps when trying to increase speed to say 6 or 7 then this points to the speed control switch.

  9. Dan avatar

    The big button on the pro rider is it meant to stop and start the trolley like a Motocaddy or you’ve only got the A B and C setttings? Mine doesn’t could you possibly tell me what’s wrong with it?

    1. Jim avatar

      Dan, there are a couple of models and vary only slightly over the years. The stop-start and on-off buttons are separate in the older models and the on/off is at the bottom of the handle controls. The other Pro Rider winged T handle model is on the right side and is only one button which is also the on/off like the Stowamatic golf trolley.

  10. Ian Oglanby avatar
    Ian Oglanby

    will this speed controller fit a Stowmatic GXT

    1. Jim avatar

      Yes this is the correct spare part for the Stowamatic GXT

  11. William fordyce avatar
    William fordyce

    I have a proforce golf trolley the speed control keeps cutting out especially after going over rough ground and off on button is difficult to re engage once I get it on I can control the tolley by only using the speed control knob and not using the on off switch and then it will cut again this is very frustrating and energy sapping do I need new control switch???

    1. Jim avatar

      Check this page for symptoms of the speed control knob first, but it seems it is more likely you have a connection problem either at the handle circuit or if all power is dropping the battery lead.

  12. Barry Hood avatar
    Barry Hood

    I have an old hillbilly ,it will run for about thirty seconds then shut down I turn control knob back then start again for another thirty seconds, what could it be? please help.

    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry I don’t deal with Hillbilly golf trolleys. I would suggest it could be a poor connection at one of the connectors. Unplug and clean them with a spray of WD40 especially the battery leads.

  13. Adrian gordon avatar
    Adrian gordon

    Pal trolley got soaking last Sat not working at all now stowmatic trolley can you help

    1. Jim avatar

      Have a look at the top right corner of this page , you will see a magnifying glass. Press this and you will see a search box where you can put words like ‘golf trolley submerged in water’. This will bring a few page titles of pages which may help.

  14. Pete Slack avatar
    Pete Slack

    Hi, my Proforce trolley has trouble selecting gears. It either stays on Zero and then jumps between numbers or just stays on zero. Do I need to buy a new speed controller or could it be something else please?

    1. Jim avatar

      What usually determines if it needs a speed switch control, is if the speed jumps around while trying to adjust OR does not move while trying to adjust.

  15. Pete Slack avatar
    Pete Slack

    Hi Jim, thanks for yr reply. it just usually stays on zero and then jumps to a number but doesn’t always stay on the number before jumping back to zero.

    1. Jim avatar

      When it doesn’t involve the speed switch control then it is most likely the controller (under the battery tray) check the model serial number as these are specific to your handle circuit.

  16. Pete Slack avatar
    Pete Slack

    My new speed controller part arrived yesterday. I fitted it with ease and hey presto it’s as good as new. Thank you for your help and advise.
    Thanks again. Pete

    1. Jim avatar

      Great Pete, I’m glad to hear I’ve been of help. All the best and Good golfing.

  17. Geraint Jones avatar
    Geraint Jones

    Hi. I have a Hillman trolley (not sure of the model as I bought it 2nd hand. I think it’s a Pro and approx 15 years old, but in good condition generally.)
    It is as some of the aforementioned complaints. The trolley will not work with the speed control button but goes at full speed with the distance control button.
    Also, the speed control button is very stiff to turn. I believe it was involved in some sort of collision previously.
    Please help.

    1. Jim avatar

      Not knowing the trolley parts from 15 years ago. You would have to check the speed switch control component to see if it has a similar connector to my store photos.

  18. Michael Walsh avatar
    Michael Walsh

    I have a Hillman endurance, looks identical to the Ryder, only purchased in February 2020 and speed controller now totally erratic. Will the speed controller for the Ryder work in the Hillman? Or do you have the Hillman parts.
    Many thanks
    Michael A

    1. Jim avatar

      Michael, The Speed control switch in the store page (Product no. SKU102) will fit exactly the Hillman Endurance golf trolley.

  19. Michael Walsh avatar
    Michael Walsh

    Jim me again
    I have managed to undo all the screws in the handle of the Hillman and the right hand side separated easily but the left side must be super glued, any suggestions. If I break do you have a replacement handle?
    I really appreciate how quickly you responded, very comforting to know you are there to help!
    Michael A

    1. Jim avatar

      Michael, Just to say remember in case I missed saying, these handles I believe they have two screws and nuts (nylocks) at the bottom of the handle stem on the side. These run through the handle and metal stem frame of the golf trolley. I don’t have these models of handles as spares at the moment. But I have the electronic components including the speed control switch and knob.

  20. Michael Walsh avatar
    Michael Walsh

    Jim speed controller received fitted and working well.
    Seems to be a better quality product than the one fitted new.
    Many thanks for assistance
    Michael A

    1. Jim avatar

      Michael, Many thanks for your kind comments, it’s always nice to hear I’m helping fellow golfers. Jim.

  21. Christopher McLoughlin avatar
    Christopher McLoughlin

    Hi, do you have a speed controller for a caddymatic trolley?

    1. Jim avatar

      Yes, the speed controller switch and knob in the store (2nd item) is for the Caddymatic electric golf trolley.

  22. Chris Bunker avatar
    Chris Bunker

    Hi Jim,

    My Motocaddy M3 pro has just developed a fault. The on/off button works but the dial doesn’t change the speed anymore. It’s stuck on 9. Is it more likely to be the on/off button or controller?
    Thank you.


    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry I don’t deal with Motocaddy but in most electric trolleys one of first parts to check or replace is the speed control dial.

  23. Steve Church avatar
    Steve Church

    Hi I have a masters golf trolley MT- E 500 . It runs at full speed and the only way to stop it is to disconnect battery. It won’t turn on or off. With the switch removed it still runs full speed. It suddenly happened after working well. Any ideas?

    1. Jim avatar

      It’s almost certainly the golf trolley controller box (under the battery tray). Check your serial model nos. and match them up with the correct one in the store. If there are no numbers email me on the contact page with your handle type and I should be able to help.

  24. Ken avatar

    Hi I have a pedigree caddymatic the speed control lights up but wont move could this be the control swich

    1. Jim avatar

      There can be many reasons the trolley will not move. Mechanical (clutch test) is the motor running? electric component failure, are the numbers scrolling? Auto distance working?. I would check the fault finder page to get an idea what to look for and also the search box. Let me know how you get on. My Email is on the contact page.

  25. Graham gill avatar
    Graham gill

    Hi I have a m3 pro powercaddy trolley button for drive and speed control broken off what do I need to repair.TIA.

    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry I don’t deal with Powakaddy golf trolley spares.

  26. Scott Little avatar
    Scott Little

    Hi jim. Iv got a motocaddy s3 pro with a faulty speed control switch. Do you fix these trollys ?

    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry, I don’t fix Motocaddy golf trolleys.

  27. david mellon avatar
    david mellon

    Will the speed switch fit a promaster +

    1. Jim avatar

      Yes this is for the T shaped handle of the ProMaster +

  28. Alexander Turner avatar
    Alexander Turner


    1)I need to replace my upper holder belt (the one with the curved piece of plastic at the end (which is broken)which holds the other half – the Upper Holder?)I’ll buy the pair if you have them?
    2) I also need a backup for my Speed Control Switch .

    Many thanks

    1. Jim avatar

      See the menu link above for “Buy Spares”. You will notice all you require online and the postage costs are calculated for you at checkout address.

  29. Ian Palmer avatar
    Ian Palmer

    I have a pro rider remote model. The other day it took off of its own accord after I had left it at the side of the tee and it embedded itself in a bush with the wheel turning. The dash was not lit and I had to remove the battery connection to stop it. Faults: Dash does not light up, connecting the battery lead causes one wheel to run fast backwards, the other does not turn.
    Your help would be very much appreciated.
    Ian Palmer

    1. Jim avatar

      This does seem like the remote control controller unit has blown.

  30. Connor avatar

    Would this fit the stowamatic titanium GT?

    1. Jim avatar

      If you like to remove your original and send me a photo to the email address on the contact page, I can let you know.

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