I tried replacing the speed control switch in order to fix my problem and on turning it steady it still suddenly lurches forward at max speed
There’s no incremental increase in speed. Could you advise, please?

Speed Control Switch

Speed Control Switch


Ah, This is not always a straight forward case of the speed control switch.  Normally when the speed switch goes wrong it makes the display speed erratic, often missing speeds.  In this case when the trolley is powered up and only goes at full speed then I believe this to be the golf trolley controller at fault.  In order to match the correct golf trolley controller, you would have to check either the serial numbers on the controller (housed under the battery tray) and take the numbers from that to match the correct one on the website store 4th row down. OR check the handle circuit and either send a photo to me or check which serial number and type of circuit. The website store will show which controllers go with which handle circuits. Let me know how you get on with this and I can help if you have any questions.

S1 controller NEW 9 speed




Thank you for getting back to me Jim, I did look on your website and have placed an order with you for S1G-8V-12vJ to replace S1G-8-12V-J the trolley has a straight t bar.  Just had confirmation it has been dispatched.

Golf trolley straight T bar


No worries, you should receive this tomorrow, this I am sure will fix your golf trolley problem.


The new controller fitted and works perfectly, Thanks.


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