Golf trolley shoots off when battery is plugged in

When I plug it in the golf trolley just shoots off on its own, all three lights are on when you plug the battery in. It’s dangerous like this.

This sounds to me like the controller is at fault, there have been others who had the same fault and it was the golf trolley controller box.

If yours is the original T handle golf trolley, ( like the photo) then it will be the S1G/ S1T controller you would need from our spares store online. Product code: SKU107

S1G Golf trolley controller for T handle with circuit


I am having a problem with my Electric Golf Buggy. It uses a ” S1G-T2D3-12V-J ” controller. I have replaced the battery from a 22Ah SLA to a 26Ah Lithium, as the SLA battery wouldn’t last an 18 hole round of golf. It has been working fine over the last month or so, but after my round last Saturday, I changed the lead connection, as it was too cumbersome. Since then, after you turn it on, when you start turning the speed dial, it straight away goes to top speed. Nothing else. Is it possible that the controller is faulty?

A good explanation for the golf trolley fault finding. I know it seems like it could be the battery lead connection as the fault appeared around the same time you changed over the lead. But I have never heard of a faulty lead causing this type of problem, so I think we can rule out that. Normally when the speed jumps straight to full speed as soon as it is turned on then this points to the controller, it seems like it has jammed and is faulty. The speed control switch itself, if faulty, would be more likely not to allow the trolley to move or stuck say at speed 2 and/or be very erratic but only when turning it up and down. I believe you are correct in saying the controller is needing to be replaced. We have the exact model in stock.

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