which spares will fix my electric golf trolley

I wonder if you can help me. I purchased the item below for my Stowmatic GXT electric golf trolley and fitted the spare part easily.  However, the fault that I have on my trolley has not been resolved. The issue is that when I try to use my trolley the numbers in the display unit keep flashing and the trolley moves very slowly. I was hoping the fault was to do with the “speed control switch” which it isn’t. I am happy to keep this control switch as it is better than the previous one. I purchased this trolley from a friend and unfortunately, there was no operating manual that came without, so I am unable to refer to the manual. I have also looked at the internet to try and identify the fault without success. I have checked the battery and that is fine and charged etc.  Have you come across this fault before and do you have ideas what the fault could be and which item I need replace.

Golf trolley fault finding for this is slightly tricky and electric golf trolley spares are varied.  Normally when the golf trolley numbers keep flashing it usually means there is a low voltage from the battery. Often the battery does not have enough charge in it to enable the control box to function not able to give enough current to the motor. Another problem with flashing numbers can mean not enough power and may be the result of a poor connection, but this is rarer and the golf trolley usually cuts out if any of the connections are poor. I start here and guess the battery is possibly at fault, even though it is charging. If you have access to another 12-volt battery to test the trolley, this would be a way of determining if the battery is at fault.

Let me know if any other faults are noticed or symptoms show and I will get try to find the fault from there as it could be one of the electronic components i.e. the handle circuit or the controller box.

Having tested the battery and looked through your informative website, I have come to a conclusion and I believe that the problem with my trolley lies with the Controller unit.

Problem Solved…

There are a few different types of electric golf trolley controllers, these are only compatible with their respective handle circuits and electronic spares fitted to each trolley.  Normally it is easiest to determine by reading the model serial numbers printed on the back of the controller.  If there are no stickers with numbers then checking the handle circuit is the best way to find out which controller is correct.  If in doubt email or message and I will help to determine which is most likely to be the correct spare part to use.

Spare Controller S3D-G-USB-12V-22A


Electric Golf Trolley Controller SIG -T2D3-J-12V


Ordered the original Electric Golf Trolley Spare Controller S3D-G-USB-12V-22A  what was fitted – Top Photo.  (The spare part for the newer models of the Stowamatic GXT has the Electric Golf Trolley Controller SIG -T2D3-J-12V –  Bottom Photo).

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  1. Hi I fitted a new lithium battery to my series 1 golf trolley the trolley work great yesterday today I have flashing red lights showing number 6 and the control knob doesn’t alter the numbers, can anyone help please,

  2. when the battery is connected the digital dislpay is showing the number 6 it wont function at all and wont switch off we have replaced the display board and the control module battery is showing 16.6 volts and the motor will run when conneted directly to the battery did continuity test on the wires but no change run out of ideas now

    1. I don’t see your name on our orders lists. Did you order from us, if so do you have the order nos. of the spares purchased? I normally am able to guide you and from there I should be able to help figure out if you got the correct spare parts.

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