ProForce Electric golf trolley not starting up

I have a 15 month old Pro-Force digital golf trolley. It has a button for 10 yards 20 yards or 30 yards free run. When I start it up all 3 lights come on as does the digital display. I turn the control knob and when it passes from 0 to 1 there is a click from the control box but nothing else happens. The battery is fine. Does it need a new control box, and if so do you have one? It is silver and the label says :- S3D-C-USB-12V-22aA-CE There are some chinese characters with a 3 amongst them, then 07.02.2015 No. 78. It measures 102mm x 58mm x 36mm, with 3 cables coming out of it.

Please can you help/advise me?

Thinking about this scenario I would say the golf trolley control box is usually OK if you have all lights on and the golf trolley powered up as usual and you get a click from the control box on starting the speed control.  This click usually means the relay is working and sending the current toward the motor.  If it is not moving forward I would look towards the motor first and check it is working.  This can be done by unplugging the motor and connecting the end of the terminals to a 12volt battery source.  If it turns then the motor is OK.  A less conclusive method to test the motor is to smell it to find any burnt out smells although this doesn’t always mean the motor is defective or not, but if there is a burnt smell from the motor then most likely its accidentally been left running while being stopped i.e parked against a wall while at a low speed setting.

My trolley has stopped working and I think it may be a fault in the control box. Are any of the ones you stock for a Pro-Force trolley, please? The box has S3D-C-USB-12V-22aA-CE on the label, and the trolley has a button for 10, 20, & 30 yards free run.

It could be the control box but is there any power getting to the display panel now, if not I would first suggest the battery lead.






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  1. Len Gunn avatar
    Len Gunn

    My Proforce trolley lights up and it runs when you press the A,B and C, but does not show any sign of movement when you turn the knob to get the indicator to show 1 to 7 which does not show any number can you suggest any cure please.

    1. Support Staff avatar
      Support Staff

      If the trolley works on A B and C but there is no number showing at all, not even 0, then it may be a fault in the handle circuit PCB. If there is a 0 lighting up in the display and it won’t move the numbers up or down then it may be the speed control switch itself.

  2. john avatar

    i have a pro force that when i now put the battery lead into the unit , the 3 lights illuminate and nothing else appears or works. any ideas please. thanks.

    1. Support Staff avatar
      Support Staff

      When putting the battery lead in and the 3 lights come on altogether by fault then this could be the controller box. It’s not clear if the handle circuit can also cause this. We usually recommend replacing these two components together at the same time. This keeps them compatible. Doing this also can stop one faulty component t breaking the other.

  3. Geoffrey Gott avatar
    Geoffrey Gott

    Hello I have a pro force trolley and the pin either side that the wheel go onto that turns the wheels has broken, where can get 2 pins from to fit one on each side.

    1. Support Staff avatar
      Support Staff

      Yes, the axle drives the wheels through each individual clutch hub (Left clutch and right clutch). These axle pins then drive the clutches (inner wheel hubs) connected to each wheel . We sell these sprung roll pins on the website store. Link here Golf trolley axle pins.

      We also have a support page which will help you diagnose or instructions for fitting spares to your golf trolley.

  4. Bob Bailes avatar
    Bob Bailes

    Bought a new digital trolley, all the lights work and there is a click from the motor but thats it. no turning of the wheels, don’t know if its the motor or the control panel

    1. jimmathieson avatar

      Normally if there is a click from the controller as you try to move the trolley under power, then this usually means the controller is getting the signal and working (not always). So if the axle and motor are not moving, I would first check the trolley display is not switching off, as this would indicate a poor battery connection. Second to check the motor plug is connected to the controller ok.

  5. John Beveridge avatar
    John Beveridge

    Hi I was wondering if I can still get controller unit for my promasterplus trolley it has a 6 pin and 2 pin connection to motor and black and red connection to battery

    1. Support Staff avatar
      Support Staff

      The electronics can vary quite a bit. Its all about matching up the handle control circuit with the controller unit (normally under the battery tray). If you cant find the controller or circuit to match your own. Then you can email us with some details or photos of your electronic components. IF the wiring is the same and you can’t find a match, then it will be best to replace the two spares; controller and handle circuit together, assuming your handle is one of the T or D shapes shown on various support pages throughout the website.

  6. A Coleman avatar
    A Coleman

    I have a proforce electric trolley but I now find the battery is too big and heavy for me to manage , would I be able to obtain a smaller / lighter battery that would be compatible with the trolley ?

    1. Support Staff avatar
      Support Staff

      We don’t supply batteries but it is possible to get a slim narrow battery of between 18Ah and 22Ah .

  7. Leonard Gunn avatar
    Leonard Gunn

    does the pro force trolley have a fuse and where is it on the trolley can you please advise my trolley was working fine I went on holiday 3 weeks later the trolley does not light up I have checked the battery and it is fully charged

    1. jimmathieson avatar

      There are no fuses on the trolley. Some of the older trolleys around 10 years and older had fuses on the battery leads only, but this was not needed and only caused problems, from 2009 the golf trolley battery leads don’t come with an in-line fuse. It is most likely your battery lead itself may be corroded or be faulty. If you need a new lead they are available at the button above “buy spare parts” first-row item.

  8. eric mathieson avatar
    eric mathieson

    My proforce trolley works well for most of the round then suddenly it runs slowly even though the speed shows 7 and the figure 7 flashes. turning the speed control has no effect it just runs at the same slow speed. the battery is fully charged before starting.

    1. Jim avatar

      The battery itself on only a couple of occasions I’ve seen to cause affects on the performance of the trolley as described. Normally if an electronic component was at fault it would show the reduced speed all the time. Many times when a connection or similar issue is the fault then this can cause Intermittent speed problems. If a borrowed battery causes the same problem then it may be the electronic components or dampness getting into them. Let me know how you get on by email and I will try my best to help. Kind Regards, Jim Mathieson.

  9. Selwyn Rees avatar
    Selwyn Rees

    HI Jim.
    I have a proforce trolley that the power keeps cutting out. I can then turn it on again and it will work but only for a few seconds before cutting out again. Can you advise me a cure for this problem please ??

    1. Jim avatar

      I would look at the connections and first of those being the battery connector lead. Check for damp, dirt and loose sleeves within the round connector. A spray of WD40 also can sometimes help.

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