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Proforce golf trolley no power

I have a Proforce, I changed the speed control switch a couple of months ago and everything worked ok. Now I get no power at all when I switch it on, one occasion it lit up briefly then nothing. It is not the battery I have tried two different batteries. I have removed the covers for the control box and the handle to check for water/damp contamination but can’t see any evidence, the printed circuit board seems clear enough, although the on-off switch cover has a hole in it the seal underneath seems to be intact. I don’t think it is a broken wire connection as I’ve tried wiggling various wires whilst switching on and off.
Any suggestions I really would rather try and repair the trolley, it has given me excellent service.
Many thanks

Regards your Proforce golf trolley problems, it seems as if there is a power failure.  From above it seems you have checked with a couple of batteries (I presume with a different battery cable) then the fault may lie with one of the connections at a connector. So after going over all the connectors by disconnecting, then give them a spray of WD40 it helps with the electrical connection and helps keeps the water away, also at the handle circuit. Once done put the connectors back together and retry powering up. Next the wiring and as you have already indicated you went around various wiring giving it a wiggle here and there to see if any sign of power, then I would suggest one of the component parts of the Proforce golf trolley. It’s always challenging to know between the handle circuit board and the controller, but more often than not one of the controller’s faults can be a complete loss of power. Remember when looking through the store for a new replacement golf trolley controller, that there are a few types, and it’s crucial to get the correct type of controller for the handle circuit you have. The controller is located underneath the battery tray and plugs into the main wire, motor, and battery lead.  To check the handle circuit inside your Proforce golf trolley, remove the back of the handle to identify the circuit.  If in any doubt contact me and I will get back to you with a confirmation. If the golf trolley is fairly new it will most likely be the coloured T-shaped winged handle, if it is then the golf trolley controller needed will be the S1T-T2D3-J-12V Part no. SKU108.

Controller SIG -T2D3-J-12ProForce handle typeProForce handle circuit






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