Battery wired wrongly – Golf Trolley has No Power

I wired up my battery the wrong way and it looks as though I blew something board or controller.  The golf trolley has no power now.  I just received board and connected up but still no power.  Am I right to think a controller will solve the problem. also, I take it that plastic cover onboard needs fitting and is not part of the packaging.

The thick plastic cover is part of the handle circuit spare, it allows the micro buttons on the circuit to make contact with the controls on the display handle. Without the white rubber/plastic cover it will not be able to function by pressing any of the buttons on the handle display.

As regards the battery wiring wrongly. Having seen before on a few occasions. Each time this causes the golf trolley controller and the handle circuit board to blow. So both the controller box (under the battery tray) and the handle circuit will need replacing. It will not have affected the motor in any way.

Purchase and replace both golf trolley controller and golf trolley handle circuit at the same time and not separately in case there is damage to one circuit which can cause damage to the other.




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    How difficult is it to replace the controller and the circuit board?

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