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Types of controller for golf trolleys

I checked the trolley over and put the battery on charge, but the lights on the control panel failed to light, the motor wouldn’t run but the battery had 13+ volts. There are 13+ volts going from the battery to the box under the battery tray, but still no lights
I have checked your site for spares and you show one that seems to be very similar, ie S1G-12V-T2D3-J. the bar code has been scuffed and what I presume is a date code is different,
Please can you help me? Is the fault likely to be this box?

Thanks for the explanation of your trolley fault. Knowing the power is OK and getting to the controller box connector. Then I would think it is likely to be the controller box at fault. Assuming there are no breaks in the wires and the handle circuit is not causing a connector issue (in this type of case its most likely the controller).

The handle circuit model will determine the controller box model and if the circuit is a D64186 then the controller would have to be the S1G-T2D3-J-12V controller box. (Store product code SKU108).  In this post there is a good explanation of different types of controllers for golf trolleys.  This is important as although many controllers look the same they do not have the same electronics inside and hence need different handle circuits and sometimes connections to work.

The V1 Caddymatic golf trolley


I am looking for a 7pin controller for a Caddymatic V1 trolley. Can you advise? Thanks.

Many different Caddymatic spares are available.  The V1 Caddymatic golf trolley controller you have, does it have any serial nos on it at all, like S1G-T2…. or S3D-G-… as controllers are very specific. IF you don’t have a serial no. then if you can identify the handle circuit either by serial no OR even send a picture, OR see the different types of circuits on the pictures I have attached. Once we identify the handle circuit I will then know the correct controller.
Some of the V1 Caddymatic and V2 Caddymatic golf trolleys varied in circuits and controller models. So just to be sure we get the correct one.

I have taken this to Affordable golf and they said it was the controller that wasn’t working and they couldn’t get this part.

From the photos sent, I can see the controller which to be fair is out of production, but I do have a stock of these controllers, see the online store.

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  1. I’ve just bought a second hand golf trolley of ebay when it arrived the cable was broken we’re the trolley folds down I’ve joined the wires back to gether and when battery is fitted the controller box lights up blue but nothing when I turn on the speed control the make of the golf trolley is a clubbers very similar to a pro glide. Any advice please. Regards don foreman

    1. Donald,
      Difficult to say where the fault lies. Normally if the controller is at fault it will not light up or the handle circuit display does not respond at all, not just the speed knob adjustment.

  2. Mtory Ben Sayers Trolley motor does not run. I have changed the speed cotroler, the handle pcb and checked the wiring up to the controller. The motor runs when I attach the battery directly to it. The controller clicks when I turn the speed control but I do not get power out of the controller. I suspect that the controller is faulty.. After looking in your spares cat. I do not see an exact match for the one fitted. Mine is labeled as follows –
    SIG-8 -J-12V-V
    20150912 No.084
    Can you help please.
    Jim W.

    1. Jim, Occasionally the faulty controller does click but doesn’t give any power out. As for the rectangular handle circuit you bought (part no. SKU105) goes exactly with the S1G-8-12V-J (part no. SKU107) and is exact replacement for your controller box. The extra numbers can be the manufacturing date etc.

  3. I Jim I have been given a stowamatic gts trolley and a brand new handle for it the same as the one with the green grip do I also need a new controller as when I plugged in the cable to it I have not got any lights etc on the display but I did when the old one was on there so I know there is power to the connector

    Appreciate your help please

    1. Mike, The Stowamatic GTS had the old handle, circuit and controller.

      For the newer Green (GXT) handle it had two different handle circuits original was the D62145 (store no. SKU3110) and Controller – S3D-G-USB-12V-22A. Then later models had the handle circuit D64186 (SKU3109) and SIG -T2D3-J-12V controller.

      These handle circuits need their respective controllers or the trolley won’t light up.

  4. I need part no S1RG-T2D3-12V
    Vol 10-16.8V Cur:26A
    SYMS Rev_1.1 B768

    2018/05/09 No. 15

    Do you have this? My wheels are not turning seems no power to motor.

  5. ChangHwan Park

    Hi, mine is S3D-G-USB-12V-22A-CB.
    I’d like to increase the motor speed, is there a way to fix or is there another controller for more speed?


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