Having problems with your Caddymatic, no worries contact me for any problems and issues you would like help with.  This can be done by posting at the bottom of this page or going to the contact page and filling in the contact form.  Filling in a full explanation of what the problem is and how and when it occurs, means I can usually diagnose what Caddymatic spares may be needed to fix your trolley.

Caddymatic Golf Trolley

I will try to give a full explanation of what needs to be tested and sometimes it can just be a matter of loose connections or a simple one-off spare, rather than having to replace many spare parts.  If replacing, then I can guide you through how to fit your Caddymatic spares to your golf trolley.  There are also pages of explanations and videos on how to fit the spare parts for your Caddaymatic.  Many customers are happy to share their own experiences of the faults and problems they had also the solutions and how fitting the part to their trolleys fixed the faults.

Below a list of spares parts with:

  1. how faults occur.
  2. why they occur what caused them to fail.
  3. how to know what the symptoms of a fault or damage.
  4. how to know which part, and how to fix the part needed.

List of Caddymatic Spares

  • Battery Lead
  • Battery Charger
  • Connectors
  • Speed Control Rotary Switch
  • Handle Circuit
  • Complete Handle
  • Wheel Clutch – Left or Right.
  • Caddymatic Controller Unit (located under the battery tray)
  • Main central wire
  • Upper Bag Holder
  • Straps

Caddymatic Battery Lead Cable

Available in store.

How does damage occur?

Many times the battery lead is faulty due to damage from removing the battery and forgetting to unplug the connector.  This causes damage to the round 3 pin plug often breaking the metal connection sleeve inserts.  Another way of damaging this cable is by dropping the battery onto the 3 pin round connecter damaging and fracturing the plastic round connector itself.

What problems does a faulty battery lead cause?

A battery cable can often either not power up the trolley or cause the trolley to shut down if put under more speed or demand for power, i.e. going uphills.

How to fit a Caddymatic battery lead

This cable is easily fitted to the battery by way of using a simple cross screwdriver.  Removing the battery lead from the terminals is by unscrewing the screw remove the screw and washers then connecting the new battery red lead.  Remove and replace the black lead by the same process.  This is how to replace and fix a broken battery lead cable.

Caddymatic Speed Control Switch

Available in Store

Damages to the Speed Control Switch

Many times the speed control knob gets damaged by way of a bump or knocks to the main knob and stem.  This causes the stem to bend off centre.  It is a common occurrence as this speed control knob protrudes out from the golf trolley handle and can easily get a bump when e.g. storing or putting into the car boot.

damaged speed control switch

Damaged speed control switch

Problems of a faulty speed control switch

Faulty or worn speed control can show itself if a couple of main ways.  The first thing to look out for is the speed numbers get difficult to set the speed.  This can start to occur occasionally then gradually happen more often as the fault get worse.  It eventually becomes so persistent that setting the speed becomes almost impossible.  The symptoms of the fault in the speed switch become so pronounced it starts to miss completely certain speeds e.g. going from say speed 2 turning the speed knob up until it jumps to say speed 6.  There is a full explanation of why the speed control switch does this on this page.

How to remove and fit the Caddymatic speed control switch

Firstly removing the switch by way of separating the handle as it splits into two halves.  There are 16 short black cross screws located in the back of the handle with two nut and bolts going through the stem and at the bottom of the handle.  Once all these are removed, this then gives access to the inside of the handle. Below is an example of replacing the speed control switch.


Wheel Clutch for a Caddymatic Golf Trolley

Available Online Store

How does damage or faults happen to a golf trolley wheel clutch?

This is a common part and prone to wear more than it is to damage.  Wear occurs over time, but what makes it wear quickly is weathering and outside conditions such as dirt, water, dampness, ground conditions, and types of usage.

What are the symptoms of a faulty golf trolley wheel clutch?

If there is a fault with your Caddymatic wheel clutch it will most likely show itself by veering offline to the right or left.  It becomes more difficult as the fault gets worse to keep the golf trolley going in a straight line.  This fault is more apparent when climbing a hill or going through dense or heavy longer grass when the trolley needs more torque power needed at to the wheels.  This extra power puts more strain on the clutch and shows the weakness by not being able to transfer the drive from the axle spindle to the wheel.  This results in the trolley often getting a weaker drive on one side and pulling the trolley to that same side.

A rule of thumb is if the golf trolley is turning to the right as you walk down the fairway, then the right wheel clutch is at fault.  If turning to the left then the left wheel as you look down is at fault.

How to fix a wheel clutch by removing and fitting a new one.

Take the wheel off the trolley and place it on the ground so as the inside hub (clutch) is showing upward.  Use a good fitting cross screwdriver and press in firmly to unscrew it.  Sometimes due to time and dirt, this screw can be very tight.  (see here for difficult to remove wheel clutches).


Caddymatic Spares – Handle Circuit (PCB)

Available here online.

Damage and faults with a handle circuit are mainly caused by weather and wear. Sometimes indirectly from damage to another spare part component i.e. a fault in the controller or even the battery lead or main wires shorting.  Other issues are caused with the display getting damaged and the button connected to the circuit getting broken.

damage to circuit buttons


  1. Comment by Darren Aitken

    Darren Aitken Reply 28th September 2020 at 19:05

    The motor has cut power on the right hand side. Would this be clutch?
    If so how much are they?
    Many thank

    • Comment by Jim

      Jim Reply 28th September 2020 at 22:39

      If the power to the Caddymatic golf trolley right wheel is not as strong, especially climbing hills, then it’s almost certain to be the right wheel clutch. Spares available on the store page. One other thing to check is to make sure the right side axle pin the wheel catches onto is still in place.

  2. Comment by Darren

    Darren Reply 30th September 2020 at 14:37

    Sorry my trolly is an S7 remote powercaddy

  3. Comment by Noel Brady

    Noel Brady Reply 3rd October 2020 at 16:08

    The on/off switch is not working properly it is switching on but not making the trolley move forward. I am using the A-B button to move forward

    • Comment by Jim

      Jim Reply 3rd October 2020 at 16:14

      If the golf trolley is switching on then the handle circuit micro-switch button will be working. If the rotational speed switch is not making the numbers move, this could be needing replaced. This is available on the SPARES page ; top row- middle item.

  4. Comment by Lawrence Gallagher

    Lawrence Gallagher Reply 15th October 2020 at 09:34

    Hi Jim,
    Problem started with my Caddymatic V2 yesterday. Usually I have speed options 1-7 but it will not go up to 7. Can get it to 4, occasionally 5 but it trips back and forth to to 0. Its difficult to set any speed and the button is very sensitive. Had to push the Trolley for last couple of holes. It felt at first like the gears were dropping out or maybe a clutch problem but I think the issue is with the speed control switch. Would this be a fair assumption?

    • Comment by Jim

      Jim Reply 15th October 2020 at 09:45

      Yes, I think your assumption is bang on. It is quite a common fault when the switch gets damaged for the trolley speeds to be difficult to set properly. I have the speed control switch for the Caddymatic on the store page.

  5. Comment by Andrew Stokes

    Andrew Stokes Reply 26th October 2020 at 08:31

    Do caddymatic do winter wheels, or covers can’t seem to find any, appreciate your advice.

    • Comment by Jim

      Jim Reply 26th October 2020 at 09:16

      Caddymatic winter wheel covers is not a spare part we have in stock at the moment, but it’s a part I will be looking to get in the future.

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