Fault with ProRider golf trolley not moving

The fault is that the ProRider golf trolley does not work at all.  It will not start up or move forward under power.
All of the display lights work, the speed controller shows the speed variation. The 3 distance settings are illuminated depending which button is pressed, but none of the settings time out. Can you tell me which parts I should order from you. Many thanks.

What is wrong with the golf trolley and how to fix the fault.

Like all faults with golf trolleys, it is difficult to say exactly what is causing this.  The handle PCB will most
likely be working, the speed control switch knob will be working.  I believe the S1 controller has the control over the timer on the auto distance motor run.   As the display is working normally and if there is no click at the controller when trying to power the wheels forward, then my assumption would be the S1 controller is at fault.

S1 controller NEW 9 speed

S1 controller NEW 9 speed


Problem solved golf trolley back working

Many thanks for your input regarding the fault on my pro rider. Bought a new S1 controller changed it over and the new controller solved the problem.

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