Do the parts fit the S1 Motocaddy golf trolley

Will this controller fit my S1 2013 golf trolley, it looks similar.

If you mean the Motocaddy S1 golf trolley then sorry at the moment we don’t sell spares for any of the Motocaddy golf trolleys. If this is for a different make please email or contact us page and give any details and we would be happy to try to help in any way we can. Some golf trolley controllers have serial nos starting with S1…  and others S3… Don’t concern the colour of the controller it is the serial nos which matter. Hope this helps.

Stowamatic Controller
Stowamatic Controller


Golf trolley controller
Golf trolley controller






2 responses to “Do the parts fit the S1 Motocaddy golf trolley”

  1. Brian avatar

    Is the stowamatic GXT control box available

    1. Jim avatar

      There is an original see this golf trolley controller unit S3.

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