golf trolley speed control switch reversed

I bought a control switch from you and fitted it yesterday. I followed the colour coding between the switch and the circuit board. Unfortunately the switch now works in he reverse order – ie when moved clockwise it goes from speed 7 to 0. Can I reverse the outside two wires and will this cause the switch to to go from 0 to 7 in a clockwise direction? Thank you

Sorry I am not able to help answer this definitively. I am not sure if swapping over the connections on the golf trolley speed control switch reverses this, but it seems reasonable to assume that would be the case.

Thanks for help. I reversed the outside two leads and the pot now runs correctly ie clockwise increases speed. It now starts slowly and increases speed as opposed to starting fast (7) and using pot to slow trolley down! Thanks again. Allan

It is outside our recommendations and instructions to change around various wiring and connections but I am also glad to hear this did work for you.

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