ProRider golf trolley speed control not working

My ProRider golf trolley has a problem with the speed jumping around.
The speed control display jumps around stops and then goes to no 7. Does this mean I need a new speed controller, potentiometer or anything else. Please advise which to purchase
Thanks your help

I have found in previous experience when the Pro Rider golf trolley speed jumps around on its own it can be difficult to determine if it is either the handle circuit board or the controller box situated under the battery tray. BUT if the speed jumps around especially when the trolley speed switch is adjusted, i.e. if turning the speed knob up or down and it seems to either not move until nearly fully rotated then suddenly jumps say 5 speeds OR if erratic when adjusting i.e. sometimes works then other times not. Then I would say it is the speed control switch which is at fault and needs replaced. It is a common fault as the knob can inadvertently get knocked when folding, storing, etc. Sometimes it can be just simple wear and tear from movement over time, wearing the switch contact.


The main problem is when you put trolley into go it will not go any further than 30 yards then stop you cant get the regulator to change speed to make it to go faster it like slow when it goes then stop’s after 30 yards,so I would detect it being speed control on handle grip being faulty.

If the trolley works on the 10, 20, 30 yard buttons but not on the stop/go button, then yes I would look at the speed  switch being at fault.  If the speed switch is working and you just can’t get the stop/go button to work then it may be the LED circuit or possibly the controller box.   I would suggest your Pro RIder golf trolley speed control switch knob being faulty.

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  1. YES , I agree but you just can’t buy the control knob . I was turning the knob but could see the spindle wasn’t turning .

  2. New Trolley arrived in Monday . We put it together and charged battery. On trying it out there is no power coming through so,therefore it does not work.

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