LCD display T handle golf trolley

I have lost my records but have attached 4 photos to try to identify the model of my trolley. It is different from the photo you sent me.
You asked about the trolley’s behaviour. When I set a run speed nothing happens, no traction. I could hear a relay clicking but no traction. If I set a speed of 4 say, no traction. If I then pull the trolley backwards it would set off and continue until I turn it down to zero. Then would not start again until I set a speed followed by rotating the wheel briefly in reverse.

To complicate things the situation has changed. On Monday (17th)I removed the controller completely out of the battery tray. The controller is aluminium colour and has 7 Speeds. I removed both ends but did not remove the control card due to 2 screws with nuts on keeping it within the body. I gave up and reassembled it and on Tuesday on the golf course, it worked 95 percent perfectly. But as I see it I had done no rectification.

On your website, I noticed a new Black 9 Speed Controller and thought that maybe the answer to my problems. Will it fit and what do you think?

I also need a new hook that keeps the handle upright. See photo 4. The hook has developed a crack. If you have no spare then I will get the existing one welded as shortly the end will come off.

The Battery tray is broken and fixed with superglue; do you have a spare?

A few questions for you; I look forward to your reply.

LCD T handle golf trolley
LCD T handle golf trolley

When I looked at your attached photos I realised it was an LCD screen T handle type golf trolley. These types of trolleys are fairly rare and spares are very difficult to get. Some of the standard generic parts are easy enough to get i.e. the golf trolley clutches, handles, speed control switch, but obtaining the specific electronics inside this trolley is almost impossible to get and very rare indeed. So fixing the electronics means you would have to change over the controller (under the battery tray) plus the handle and circuit, that’s assuming the main wiring and connection is the same as our types as shown on the website photos of the main wire.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the hook or battery tray, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me and I will do my best to help.

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