golf trolley speed is inconsistent

I have an electric golf trolley that has inconsistent speed.  All is working normally with the exception of the speed problem.  The trolley works well in automatic distance control and switching on and off.  It charges fine and has no other problems.  Can you help my golf trolley with this problem?

I think most likely the reason your golf trolley speed is inconsistent is usually to do with the speed control switch i.e. the dial on the trolley is not working as it should and has a fault.   This is a common problem with golf trolleys.  It often happens when you don’t notice this speed dial gets a bump or a knock often when putting in the boot of the car.  When this fault or damage occurs it usually shows itself by way of the speeds being difficult to set sometimes lower speeds sometimes higher speeds, depending on the damage the switch has had.  It is often the case the speed numbers do not go up and down smoothly and the speed scrolling is inconsistent.  Sometimes the damage is so severe it can be very difficult to set the speed at all and the only way to get the golf trolley to power move forward is to use the auto-distance pre-set buttons on the control panel.

inconsistent speed fault

damaged speed control switch
damaged speed control switch

If this is the case then a new speed controller switch can easily be purchased from my store (Menu “Buy Spares” top of page) and fitted yourself.  I have a video of how to fix this common problem with the golf trolley below.  This will then fix the golf trolley speed from being inconsistent.






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  1. Jill Parkes avatar
    Jill Parkes

    My caddymatic has a roller control switch. after 15 holes on a flat course the buggy won’t drive at all. Turn off and on and it works for about 3 steps. New battery does not fix the problem.

    1. Jim avatar

      If the trolley display speed numbers jump around and it shuts down it could be just the speed control switch that needs to be replaced. There are other components that can cause issues of inconsistency but 95% of the time if the display speed jumps this switch needs replaced.

  2. George avatar

    Please. Can you help me with problem to my Fw3 powerkaddy golf trolley it runs fine on fairly flat ground but hardly any power on steep ground comparing with my friends same trolleys ,my trolley is the one with no display handle just a turn knob.tested battery ok thank you

    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry years back Powakaddy told me there were other dealers in my area and wouldn’t give me a dealership. So I don’t know what May be wrong

  3. Mrs Marie Watson avatar
    Mrs Marie Watson

    Good Morning. I have a powacaddy sport golf trolley, serial number AS0246482. I am having trouble with increasing the speed. I can turn the control knobs for ever and it goes up to 2, or stays at 1 or even 0. Occasionally it goes to 4 and then I am afraid to touch the knobs to increase the speed further in case it goes back to 0 again.
    I would appreciate any suggestions as to how this may be corrected.
    Many thanks.
    Marie Watson.

    1. Jim avatar

      If your Powakaddy speed is not adjusting and the automatic preset distances are, then I would suggest it needs a new sped adjustment knob switch.

  4. Colette Gould avatar
    Colette Gould

    My pro Ryder golf trolley is stuck on power 9 . Does this mean I need a new speed controller??

    1. Jim avatar

      Yes, if the trolley only goes on and only does top speed without any input then this will need a new controller unit. There are two types one fir original T handle and the other for the coloured winged grip handle. See online store photos.

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