Electric golf trolley will not start up

I have a ProRider electric golf trolley and it developed a fault. I can’t get the trolley to go by using the knob. I can switch the trolley on and it lights up but as soon as I try to turn the speed knob nothing happens, the display stays at zero. All the lights are on as usual and looks fine. The automatic distance control works perfectly just the speed knob won’t go up or down. Can you help.

This is a common fault. When the golf trolley works as normal, charges, lights up, display is working and the only thing at fault is getting the trolley to start to move i.e. the knob to make it go won’t work. Especially if the automatic distance settings are working and the golf trolley moves forward under power as normal. This is definitely the speed control switch which is faulty. This can happen in many ways please see the speed control switch for ProRider golf trolleys section or page the link on the left side of this page also takes you to the page where a full explanation of why this is a common accident which breaks the switch.

damaged speed control switch
damaged speed control switch


The support page also describes how to fix the speed control switch for most golf trolleys.  Make sure you get the switch in so as the lug is in the slot and the wires and terminals bend back out the way for the Stowamatic golf trolleys.

See our store page for purchasing a speed control switch.

Speed Control Switch
Speed Control Switch






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