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Hi, I had bought from you last year.  The trolley was turning itself off and your suggestions on how to fix my golf trolley worked. This year I have a new problem…   The trolley goes ok but sometimes if I touch speed control to increase speed it changes to zero and stops.  I have to switch off and then switch on again to get it to start up and move.  Any ideas for part needed to fix the this speed fault ?  The trolley is a Stowamatic GXT.

Can you test the trolley by moving the speed switch up and down to see if the speed display is jumping around or if it only switches to zero no matter what you do?  This golf trolley speed test is to see if the numbers are jumping around and missing when turned.  If the numbers etc are erratic then this fault could be coming from the speed control switch.   This sounds like the fault and it is fairly easy to fix the golf trolley with this spare part.  This is a common spare part to fail due to it moving the most and exposed to bumps, weather, getting knocked in storage or when moving, etc.  See the photo of what usually happens to a speed control switch that gets knocked.

damaged speed control switch
damaged speed control switch



The speed control knob does not work it turns but there is no power however the automatic function works.  Can you please advise how to repair or which part needs replacing thank you

Yes, this sounds very much like the speed control switch. It is a common part to get knocked or bumped which causes it to malfunction. The spare part is in our web store 1st row, the middle item under speed control switch. Fitting instructions for the speed control switch are available on the link and on the store item below the description.







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  1. David Jones avatar
    David Jones

    l have put in a new speed control switch and a new circuits board but I can not control the speed it will only go at one speed and that is fast, can you please help.


    1. Jim avatar

      Hi Dave,

      With the new parts in place it is definitely the golf trolley controller unit. It is a common fault of a controller that the trolley does not respond to on/off or speed control and only sticks at full speed when the battery is plugged in.

  2. Kyle avatar

    Hi, not sure the model I have a question about is the same as this thread but hoping you can help. I have inherited an old PK freeway, its one of the early ones with the turn knob and digital speed display. There’s no consistency to the speed and it goes on and off randomly, there is also no difference in the speed when it is turned past ‘4’
    Could this be a dial knob issue or something else?
    Hopefully someone sees this.

    1. Jim avatar

      At the moment I don’t deal with Powakaddy. I couldn’t say, but the cheapest part to repair is the speed control knob.

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