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My Pro Rider golf trolley speed control has stopped working, can you help.  The trolley is switching on the power no faults and the display is showing as normal.  The fault lies when I try to turn the speed of the trolley up or down it won’t work.  The numbers are not moving.  Sometimes if I wiggle the speed knob it moves the speed number but most of the time is does not work.  The rest of the electric golf trolley is working fine.  Please can you help me resolve this fault with the golf trolley as it is only just over 2 years old.  Thanks, Bill

Answer to Electric Golf Trolley Speed Control Fault

The fault you describe very well sounds like the faults which happen to lots of electric golf trolleys.  The knob which controls the speed is very easily damaged.  This electric golf trolley speed control can sometimes get damaged when folding up or packing away somewhere like the car boot or cupboard or hut.  This break occurs when the trolley speed switch knob is exposed and protruding then it can easily get bumped or knocked and cause damage inside the speed switch itself.  It is not always visible like the photo below.  This photo below the speed control switch has had a good knock sideways and it is easily noticed that the stem is out of perpendicular alignment.  This causes the connector not to get a good all-round connection to the variable resistance plate it makes contact with.  A complete component explanation can be found under a  (speed control switch) potentiometer on Wikipedia.

damaged speed control switch
Damaged stem.

Diagnose, Symptoms and Fault Finding

The symptoms for a break of the speed control switch are as follows;

  • The electric golf trolley works and power comes on normally
  • The battery charging and charger work as normal
  • The display usually shows a number clearly but not always the correct number
  • When trying to move or change the speed control switch of the golf trolley it doesn’t work correctly.
  • The speed can not be adjusted and sticks at a certain number OR
  • The golf trolley speed will work for a couple of numbers only and jump straight to high speed.
  • The display shows the speed number and won’t show certain speed numbers

How to Fix a Golf Trolley Speed Control Fault

Fitting the new speed control switch is the reverse of the above all instructions that can be found on the support page at the speed control part. This fault is easily fixed by removing the knob and loosening the handle off the golf trolley and removing the speed control switch nut, then unplugging it from the circuit board.  All is needed is a cross screwdriver and point nose pliers, spanner or socket and taking a couple of cross screws out, loosening the nut holding the switch in place and unplugging it from the handle circuit.







4 responses to “Electric golf trolley speed control fault”

  1. Peter Brown avatar
    Peter Brown

    My Powercaddy golf trolley has a fault. Every thing works but when you set off the trolley sometimes goes slow then fast also makes queer sound next time it works ok. This repeats itself around the golf course
    It’s a pretty old trolley

    1. jimmathieson avatar

      Hi ,

      Sorry to hear your Powakaddy golftrolley is playing up. Unfortunately we have not approached Powakaddy for spares as of yet , so unable to help.

  2. charlie avatar

    Hello, I have a pro rider electric trolley and has just started playing up for no apparent reason when I apply power there is only the right wheel with the right power the left one is very slow, which causes the trolley to go round in circles which I fighting against, any clues.

    1. Jim avatar

      You are most likely needing a new clutch set. These are inner wheel hubs. See https://www.electricgolftrolley.net/golf-trolley-clutch/

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