golf trolley speed controller keeps cutting out

My golf trolley speed controller keeps cutting out and goes back to zero where by the trolley stops. I then have to keep turning the knob round and round until it shows the numbers are back on the screen and I then select the required speed. Also while running the speed it will, for example, keep alternating between 5 & 6  then drops to zero.
I would appreciate your help an recommendation

It’s difficult to say exactly if it is the speed control switch on the golf trolley but if when turning the speed knob it turns round and round, then it sounds like its broken. There should be a stop on the control dial when it gets to full speed. If it is not coming to a stop at its full speed then there is clearly something wrong with this component. The other fault you mention jumping between say 5 and 6 also shows this part to be faulty. Please see this page on how the golf trolley speed control works and its various faults, this might shed some light on your fault also. I believe it needs to be replaced.


Pro Rider Golf Trolley. Display lights up ok but will not drive forward when I try to use the speed controller. The display will not turn back to 0. It’s stuck on 2 and will turn through to 7 but no movement. The trolly will move forward when I use the 10/20/30 buttons. Do I need a new Golf Trolly Speed pot?

This explanation is going to sound terrible and complex but I will try my best.

Normally when the speed control switch shows the numbers scrolling OK then it is working. If the display is not going below 2 then I would say the speed knob control is not working correctly. There may be other problems at fault? We know the motor is working ok as the trolley is working well on the automatic distance buttons, therefore, it points to possibly the controller itself not working => BUT as the display can scroll 2 through to speed 7 then this means the speed controller is working for that part and no movement would point to the controller not getting the initiation from speed zero. Therefore my best guess is a new speed control switch. Part no. SKU102


I have a 3 yr old Proforce trolley which I believe has developed a fault with the speed control switch.
Whilst the 3 preset distances work, the trolley will not otherwise respond. The display and speed were erratic for a short while but now reads only zero and will not move.  Please can you confirm if my diagnosis is likely to be correct and if so which part I’ll require and whether it’s still available?

Yes, your diagnosis seems to be correct when adjusting the speed control if erratic when adjusting this nearly always is the speed control switch.


Hello Jim ,my problem is my electric trolley (Stowamatic GXT three years old) is not working on speed control number 1-7 but does work on features on AB and C , moving the trolley 10,20 and 30metres so it is not the battery can i ask your advise ,might we have looked on your website and think the SKU102 golf trolley speed control switch my fix this can you help us so we can order the correct part please email my wife with your recommendation and we will hopefully order the correct part and pay on line.

Your speed control problem with the Stowamatic GXT golf trolley is quite common. The speed knob can sometimes get bumped and knocked, this causes it to miss the connection on the resistor wheel when trying to increase or decrease the speed on the golf trolley. When the automatic distance controls does work, then this shows the golf trolley to be working well and almost eliminates all other parts from being faulty. So, in my opinion, the speed control switch SKU102 is exactly what I would recommend replacing.

There are a few pages on this website showing the speed control switch and how it works, also how please see for removing and replacing and fitting a new speed switch to the golf trolley handle.

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  1. Robert Watters

    My Stowmatic GTX was giving me problems with the speed controller and I purchased a replacement from yourself which arrived with amazing speed. Previous to fitting it in position the screen lit up and the A/B button when pressed would run.However,when I fitted it in position I lost all power with no display on screen at all. Checked battery and it is fully charged, can you recommend further action?. Was wondering if it could be motherboard . .

    1. I would go down the route of testing for no power (type in the search box “golf trolley no power”) I will post the most common is the battery lead has a poor connection, but it goes over a few things.

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