stowamatic speed control problem

Stowamatic speed control problem and lake

My trolley ended up in a lake!

It now works perfectly on the auto-advance (10m, 20m etc) but does not work on the switch.

I have previously bought a replacement switch from you which fixed  the problem back a while but now after is dropped into the lake the trolley is acting the same.  My local repairer won’t accept Stowmatic trolleys as he can’t get parts but he did say that I should replace the switch.

Looking into it further, I wonder if the problem may be the controller (which I see you stock)? If you think I am wasting my time that’s fine. If you think it’s worthwhile then I will order the part from you (do I need the circuit board as well)?


Yes, I think he may be correct in saying it’s the speed control switch. When the golf trolley is submerged in water it can sometimes burn out/short the electronics, (controller and handle circuit and speed control switch) but as yours is working on the preset distances auto distance buttons and the trolley is working OK then I would think is only needs the switch replaced.  Another instance of a common problem with this part is it sometimes will not go up or down the speeds correctly and jump erratically.  There is a specific post on the fitting of the speed control switch and also which also explains more in detail how it works and its faults.

stowamatic speed control problems

This is a fairly simple fix and it plugs in place after opening the handle.   See the link for fitting a speed switch which also has a video to help for this exact handle type.  Can be purchased here Stowamatic speed control switch

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  1. I have set up my new pro master trolly but it won’t start. I have charged everything required and I have checked every connection which are all ok. The control panel lights up. No response on pressing the forward button! Help please!!


    1. Peter, If it’s new, check if the motor will run on go button slows or auto-distance button, just in case you have put the wheels on the wrong sides.

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