ProRider Speed Control Switch

Possible Fault with the ProRider speed control switch

I have a Pro-rider golf trolley that has developed a fault. When engaging the speed wheel the speed fluctuates and the speed display goes through from 5 to 7 then to 4 then to 2 then to 8. When engaging the distance mode i.e. “a,b.c” the trolley functions.  From reading, could it be my ProRider speed control switch?
When turning the speed wheel there is an audible click in the control box. I have contacted pro-rider to ascertain if they could diagnose the problem but they are more intent on me sending it to them for a service – which will take between 4 and 7 weeks.

Therefore, my question is; in your opinion, is the control box at fault or is it the speed pot and/or both? If that is so do you have compatible parts that I could purchase. On your website, I can see that you do provide parts for pro-rider so I hope you will be able to assist.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for any assistance you may be able to give me.

Showing ProRider Speed Control Switchshowing ProRider control switch


Many thanks for your photos, this helps. I believe the fault is most likely the ProRider speed control switch as in our store SKU102. When trying to adjust the speed turning it up or down causes the trolley speed to jump around. It the internal contact of this speed pot that stops working so it disconnects and reconnects in an inconsistent way.  See a full explanation of the speed control switch here.



Not Always the Speed Control

Some or no display on the readout. When turning the speed knob, no immediate reaction then slowly starts to move and react to speed knob control but unable to see what speed it’s at. The 10/20/30 button seems fine.

It is difficult to say what exactly the fault is. Normally if the numbers display stick when scrolling the speed switch, it can mean the ProRider golf trolley speed switch is at fault.  IF the display is corrupted it can either be the display circuit or controller. I have on occasion seen a wire connection cause something along with this type of fault. Circuits very rarely fail unless they have been knocked or dampness etc. has got to them, sometimes a wire short. I would go over the wiring, by wiggling and all connectors with WD40 to see if there is any difference while the trolley is on.  It is most likely the ProRider golf trolley controller (see below photos).  This is accessible underneath the golf trolley under the battery tray.  Held in place by four small cross crews and is connected to the main wire and also the motor.  Replacing this controller is a fairly easy job. I have the spare in stock and available on the store page.

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