Pro Rider Speed Control Erratic Fault

Could you please assist me? I have a Pro Rider trolley bought new some years ago which has performed well – ‘T’ handle version. It has started to become erratic, the speed varies and the display numbers flicker between the numbers. I have dismantled the handle which reveals a small rectangular panel c. 6 x 5 cms. I have also unscrewed the box under the battery tray which exposes a black box lettered SIG8-12v-J. I have looked at the spare parts on your website and whilst the handle panel looks the same as the one on my trolley, the other one has different wiring, in particular there is no chrome screwed connector. Also, there are two slide connectors, but the connection to one main looking wire is sealed into the black box. It seems to me that the black box spare part on your website will not connect to the trolley wiring, or am I missing something? If I just replace the handle panel, should this solve the problem?

I’d appreciate your advice.

From your description, I would say the fault lies with the speed control switch. This is the speed knob mechanism. It’s a fairly easy job to replace this and a very common part to get damaged. This is due to its protruding position where it often gets bumped or knocked, causing the inner resistance wheel to go off track inside the switch and causing this difficult-to-adjust fault i.e. making it erratic for speed adjustment.

Speed Control Switch T Handle

Pro Rider T handle
Shows frame screws holding the handle.
Handle with speed control switch and  circuit connector
The year 2010 model  ProRider handle with speed control switch and circuit connector

switch damage

I have a video and instructions on how to fit this speed control switch part into your handle on the website and a link on the purchase page of the online store for this part.






4 responses to “Pro Rider Speed Control Erratic Fault”

  1. John Needham avatar
    John Needham

    From problems on this forum it appears that I need to replace the handle on my Pro Rider Trolley. Looking to buy a new handle I notice that there is a red handle and yellow handle available. Mine is yellow. Will a red handle fit, ie are they interchangeable.
    Also are they easy to fit by someone (myself) who has no practical skills whatsoever.

    1. Jim avatar

      Yes the only difference between the Red and Yellow is the colour rubbers which you can change over with a bit of heat and solvent then glue back on.

  2. Robin Bassil avatar
    Robin Bassil

    Hi Jim, I seem to have the same problem with erratic display with my control switch as reported on your forum. I did have a new one fitted about a year ago but it might of got a bump or somesuch? Coukd you therefore supply a new potentiometer switch and I will also need a push switch with the red and green buttons. I would like two of these please – one as a spare. Many thanks, and I look firward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards, Robin Bassil

    1. Jim avatar

      Robin, yes I have these spares in stock. Here is a link to the page where you can purchase these Pro Rider golf trolley spares

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