ProRider speed knob problem

I recently inherited a pro rider trolley. However when changing the speed knob from 2 to 3 the speed goes from below walking pace to faster than walking pace. Could you tell me if this can be adjusted or if you think there is a faulty part. Auto 10 20 30 m stop works as it should
Thank you

Full details of the speed control switch knob can be found in our website with links to various technical articles for how the component works in conjunction with golf trolleys.

This definitely seems like the speed switch. The switch works by gradually increasing/decreasing the resistance and the voltage getting through to the controller circuit which in turn changes the speed of the motor making the golf trolley go faster or slower. If there is a disconnection within the speed switch (potentiometer) it will stall the motor then when it connects further up the speed switch it can suddenly jump on to a faster speed hence the jump to full speed and a missing section of speeds say 3, 4, 5. so it jumps from say speed 2 to speed 6.

Hope this helps , the speed switch is available to purchase on the store at 1st row middle item.

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