Turning the speed dial is erratic and display is sticking and jumping

My Pro Rider golf trolley speed number display is erratic and is jumping a few numbers at a time.  Sometimes when turning the speed control switch up or down it sticks at a certain speed then if I keep turning, it then jumps to 7 top speed  as if it is missing some speed settings in between the low speed 2 or 3 and the top speeds 6 or 7.  I have tried unplugging the battery and turning the power off altogether but it is the same each time I use the electric trolley.

Can you shed some light on what might be wrong with the Pro Rider electric golf trolley?

If your Prorider golf trolley is not switching off in the middle of when this fault appears I would first check the rotary speed switch.  It is quite common for the golf trolley speed control switch knob to get an accidental knock here or there and this can cause a bit of damage with the switch itself.  Sometimes the knock or damage doesn’t always show itself straight away,  but over time can loosen connections within the component and cause this erratic speed.  This malfunction is very difficult to try to explain what is actually happening to cause this speed stalling and jumping but the following is an attempt.

The switch itself my not be connecting correctly and as such only gives the last command setting it read to the circuit and controller therefore further rotation of the speed knob doesn’t send the required setting.  Further turning again may result in either no more contact and instructions to the circuit and controller keeping the golf trolley at the same speed setting or it can be much further in the rotation before the contact is made again and by this extent it is making contact at a high speed setting therefore sends this to the circuit and controller making the trolley go at top speed.


The connection plug for the speed switch is inside the handle. It plugs in to the circuit board (PCB) by way of a small white 3 socket connector plug.  Instructions to removing and fitting the speed control switch on support page.  If you can fold the trolley up and take the screws out in the back of the handle (For  the T handle electric trolleys there are 6 along the back and 2 down the way) ( for the GXT handle trolleys there are 10 around the handle and two slightly further down).  Once you take the back of the handle away you will find the plugs to the switches. It also is secured by a screwing nut onto the handle itself this just unscrews.  It can be tricky to unscrew the nut on the round GXT GTX handles but small point nose pliers should do the trick.

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