V1 Caddymatic Golf Trolley Problems

My V1 Caddymatic golf trolley only moves about 4 metres then stops. The display flashes on and off, displaying the set speed 7 then reducing to 3 or 4 with no interference, before stopping. When raised off the ground the wheels turn continuously until lowered then they stop. I have replaced the speed control switch and the T handle circuit board with no improvement. Do you think that replacing the control box would cure the problem?

Electronic problem: If the trolley is changing around itself i.e. numbers changing without touching it, flashing, stopping. This sounds like some kind of interference with the electronics and if no cross wires (shorting) most likely the controller box to be faulty inside.

Mechanical problem: Wheels stop when lowered – with the trolley on the ground and the wheels stop turning as if they don’t have the power, this I would think sounds to be mechanical like the clutches have worn out. See the Testing Caddymatic golf trolley clutch here on the website.

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  1. Hugh Johnson avatar

    Jim Having trouble with the connecting hook when assembling the Caddymatic. This is the hook/spring main assembly connector. When in position there is play on the joint. Looks like there is a slight bend now on the ‘hook’. Do you have a replacement. I see that you knock out the connecting pin to release the connector/spring and assume reasonably easy to replace with new. Hope you can help.

    1. Jim avatar

      Hi Hugh,
      Unfortunately I don’t have the main middle frame joint connector or assembly parts, sorry.

  2. Alan Matthews avatar
    Alan Matthews

    Hi Jim, I’m having trouble with my Caddymatic V2. I’ve changed the speed controller and the handle circuit board and it’s still not running properly. Can you tell me what the three LED lights (red,amber and green) mean on the handle display. It doesn’t say in the User manual. When I switch the trolley on all three lights come on, when I turn the speed up nothing moves and the green and amber lights go off. I thought the battery was OK but I’m not sure now and I’m not sure how to check it. Thanks

    1. Jim avatar

      The three lights on the display show the current battery voltage/ capacity level. Normally you would see it drop say one at the most from say green to amber + red while driving it, then return to 3 when stopped. Dropping any more than one could mean the battery is not working well. When driving the golf trolley forward, it should click at the controller unit (under the battery tray) and still move forward assuming the motor is working. Let me know how you get on, my email is on the contact page.

  3. Stuart Egan avatar
    Stuart Egan

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement screen ?

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