Golf trolley motor and controller connections

Pro Rider Golf Trolley Not Moving

I’ve got a pro rider with a new battery fitted. Powers on fine, can hear the controller clicking but no movement in the wheels. Any ideas about what the issue could be?

I presume the axle is not turning. So normally when you hear the controller clicking it means the power is switching to the motor (not always the case). So I would check the electrical-mechanical parts. First the motor and its connections. A quick way to check the motor is to smell it to find if there is any burnt smell, but this is not foolproof. A better way to check is if you can unplug the connection from the motor to the controller and manage to put a battery current into the terminals of the motor connector – any way around. This will see if the motor itself is working. Come back and let me know and we can take to the next step once we know.


When the trolley is switched on the display lights up showing a full battery charge and 0. When the speed controller is turned digits increase and a click can be heard in the vicinity of the motor but the trolley does not move. The trolley was purchased new 14 months ago.

Your help would be much appreciated and advice about any parts that may be required

It could be the controller but nearly always this click means the power is getting out the controller unit on the motor cable toward the motor. So unless the trolley shuts down at this point, then this could be the motor connection or may be the motor itself. To test the motor either a good sniff at it for a burnt smell or connect direct to the motor terminals a battery anyway around the motor will turn one way or the other.

Golf trolley motor and controller connections





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  1. Ray Buttifant avatar

    Hi – just to report that I had the same problem but on a PowaKaddy FW7 – switched on – display shows I’m in drive mode (power numeral goes from blinking to ‘on’) – controller clicks – power numeral starts blinking again – trolley doesn’t go – – press the switch and clicks off.
    Tried replacing the encoder but same result.
    Its the Controller or the motor?
    Took the cover off the to access the controller and the motor – disconnected motor and connected it directly to the battery – motor runs – diagnosis complete – replace controller

  2. Bridget bradley avatar
    Bridget bradley

    I have a single seat golf solo it goes well for a few holes then the back wheel makes a shuddering noise then stops going if u push it wheel seems to unlock.then goes for another few holes untill the same thing happens again any answers

    1. Jim avatar

      Difficult to say but check the inner wheel hub and clutch as it may be disintegrating.

  3. Bengt Gustavsson avatar
    Bengt Gustavsson

    hej Vad göra?!
    Min powacaddy sport ca; 10 år. Visar fullt batteri och tecken på att gå igång men står stilla, jag lyckades få igång den genom att knacka på reläboxen en gång. sedan visades”service” på displayen, Vad göra?

    1. Jim avatar

      hej jag tror du kan behöva en ny reläbox då den verkar börja fastna. se till att alla elektriska anslutningar är bra.

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