Trolley got knocked and lost all power

QUESTION: I was wondering if you could help me.  Last week when I was out on the golf course as I was going over a bridge my trolley banged over a small kerb and I lost all power.  I tried unplugging the battery and plugging it back in but nothing happened, I thought it may be the battery connector.  So I ordered a new one from you which arrived this morning I have fitted it but still have no power. Thank you=

DIAGNOSTIC: Yes that would have been the first part I would have thought to have gone wrong. Its unusual for an electronic part to go with a couple of knocks. I would think best to check all the connections if there is no power it could be the inside of the handle connector may have come off the PCB.

SUPPORT: There are a few things to go through on the website support page if your golf trolley has a loss of power see “no power section this might shed some light on it why  and help.

RESOLVED: Thanks for your help, have discovered the problem.  I need a new main wire loom , so I have ordered one this morning.

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    1. We don’t actually deal with the remote golf trolleys. But if the wheel connections are ok and all connection mechanics are ok. If it’s not an electric connection then it’s an electronic fault, it may either be a controller or motor failure.

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