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Pro Rider golf trolley power cutting off but restarting

I have read most of your very useful information as I am attempting to mend a good friend’s trolley. From what he tells me it is a ProRider leisure trolley. He bought it second-hand and has been using it, however apparently it has started to sometimes just turn itself off while being used, the dashboard display goes blank, it normally restarts. He has a new battery and has fitted a new battery lead But it still does it. Today I have taken all the wire joints apart and sprayed with wd40, then making sure all joints are back together correctly. If this does not work I assume it must be a fault in either the T handle or the control box.   As there is only part of the stick-on label on the control box, would you tell me which one I need?  The only other thing I can see that is damaged is the cover over the on/off switch which has been torn. Any advice would be very welcome.

battery lead cable connector

Yes, the first thing I would have looked at is the power feeds, i.e. the golf trolley battery lead. But with them being changed over and presumably working, this points now to look at other intermittent power fluctuations or breaks. With the connectors checked as you say, then I would think the next thing to check or possibly worth trying is the main wire. Checking the main wire without a tester on the wires is a matter of wiggling while powered up. Doing this by going around the main wire to see if there are any breaks in this main wire running from the top handle circuit to the main golf trolley controller box under the battery tray. Testing the main wire, I would start at the most common breaking point the main golf trolley folding bracket area. A few wiggles are the easiest way to proceed while checking if there is any power shut down. From there I would then look toward the controller or handle circuit. These are more difficult to determine which one may be causing the issue. I am afraid this is a process of guesswork without the means to test bench the components. So the main golf trolley controller unit and the golf trolley handle display circuit may need to be replaced with the new units which simply plug in.

Thanks for the prompt reply my friend Is trying it out again tomorrow.  I could not get it to cut out after I did the joints, if it fails again I will test the main wire as you said if it is the main wire would you have a replacement?  I will let you know how I get on.

Yes, I have replacement wires. I forgot to say regards the controller if the numbers are not on or been scraped away on the box then to know which type, is a matter of checking the handle circuit board display PCB. See the post:  golf trolley controllers for circuits.  Being a ProRider golf trolley then if it’s the original shaped T handle and not the newer coloured winged T handle then it will be our product no. SKU107 controller; see the store online.

ProRider golf trolley controller







17 responses to “Pro Rider golf trolley power cutting off but restarting”

  1. Paul Kirkman avatar
    Paul Kirkman

    Discovered that one of the tiny wires had broken from the white connector resulting in power failure. Ordered a new main wire and it was delivered the next day. Following the easy to follow wiring instructions I replaced the main wire in less than 30 minutes. Trolley now working perfectly.
    Many, many thanks for the prompt delivery and easy instructions. Have passed your card on to a friend of mine who is having problems with his trolley. Thanks again.

    1. Jim avatar

      Thanks for your kind words and glad all has worked well. Good golfing , Jim

  2. Steve Garfield avatar
    Steve Garfield

    I have power to the handle as the 3 lights light up but that’s it nothing else changed the board still the same any ideas would be z as help ghsnkxx ax

    1. Jim avatar

      Possible controller unit (under battery tray) failure. So need to check if it’s feeding power to the motor or if it’s the motor that’s failed and to check the motor by seeing if it runs straight from a 12v battery to motor connections.

  3. Stephen Howarth avatar
    Stephen Howarth

    My caddymatic trolly will not power up battery tested OK
    Changed the control box and battery lead still not working.

    1. Jim avatar

      Main wire testing With no power getting to the Caddymatic golf trolley and with the battery lead changed, this leaves either the handle circuit board, controller or the main wire may have a break. There is an article on main wire testing. Try the Search box.

  4. Martyn Smythe-Hudson avatar
    Martyn Smythe-Hudson

    My Ben Sayers trolley is suffering from intermittent power shutdown after 2 hours use. It restarts when battery is disconnected and reconnected. All battery power lights show that battery has plenty of charge. I have replaced the battery cable but problem still persists. I have sprayed Wd40 on electric components around the controller. Advice please on what to consider doing next to rectify this issue

    1. Jim avatar

      I have come across this before and a few times the problem with the power cutting off after a couple of hours if not cable or connections then has been an internal battery fault.

      1. Sekhar avatar

        Does this mean that a new battery is required?

        1. Jim avatar

          if not the cable battery lead needing to be replaced or connections at fault – then yes, has been an internal battery fault

  5. Edward Morris avatar
    Edward Morris

    Hi, I have a Pro Rider belonging to a friend, it’s totally dead, battery is OK. I’ve opened up as far as poss; I suspect the controller box but it appears non-serviceable, potentiometer clicks on and off but no function at all. I wondered if JWM does parts on sale or return? I am faced with replacing one piece at a time. It’s also possible that the switch PCB is dud. So, three things that may be at fault or U/S.


    1. Jim avatar

      Unfortunately, I don’t have test sale/return spares. I did at the beginning but people were taking advantage of this service, also spares were coming back used and sometimes blown due to other faults on their trolleys causing the new spare to blow. I wouldn’t and no customer would want to buy new and be sent used spares, I hope you understand. Anyway, asides from all that, I can usually narrow it down through a couple of emails without the need for too much elimination.
      I would think with zero power getting to the trolley I have a post on this testing here see how you get on and come back by reply on this. See headline Testing the battery connection by a battery charger.

      Once we know power is getting through the lead connection – I can make the next recommendation

  6. Paul avatar

    I have a motocaddy S1Pro that when in the shut off position (1 green light) it sometimes starts to move on its own accord?
    Do i need to replace starter switch or speed control ?

  7. Andy waterston avatar
    Andy waterston

    Hi, I have a pro rider golf trolley that keeps cutting out every couple of minutes. I repress the start button and it powers up again I usually have the speed setting at about 7 which is a good walking pace for me but I am having to put it to 9 to get it moving until it once again shuts down and I go through the whole process again.
    And advice would be appreciated.


    1. Jim avatar

      The trolley usually cuts out as you described when the power is not getting through properly. The battery lead connector may need replaced.

  8. steve avatar

    hi i have a ben sayers trolley towards the end of a round the trolley cuts out ,i unplug the battery and plug back in and it starts again goes about 100 yds then cuts out again ,have you any idea what the problem could be ,
    any feed back would be appreciated ,thanks

    1. Jim avatar

      The battery lead not connecting properly is a common fault, the small connectors get corroded and often overheat making it lose connection – so the lead needs replaced. If not then the battery itself.

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