Golf trolley is not stopping or starting and not stopping

When I press the start button on my golf trolley it will go for a few seconds and then stop, or it will start and not stop. Sometimes it won’t turn off.
I can still use the trolley by starting and stopping it with the speed control pot.
The pad with the buttons has worn away. For instance just need a new one?

Handle Display cover
Handle Display cover


Handle circuit micro-switch rubber button covers
Handle circuit micro-switch rubber button covers


Its difficult to say what is wrong. If the trolley turns off the power completely then you could possibly start with the connections and the first of them being the battery lead. If it just stops but the power stays on and you have checked the leads and connections i.e. cleaned and a spray of WD40. From there it could either be the control box or the golf trolley handle circuit board. It is more likely to be the handle circuit due to the fact of the display panel being worn at the buttons and the trolley working normally using only the speed control pot.  Also make sure the handle circuit is making contact with the display control panel i.e. the original versions had small white rubber button caps on top of each micro-switch on the handle circuits, these were in place to make contact with the handle display cover. Occasionally these can fall off or break and this makes pressing the the button from through the display impossible until you replace the rubber button cover.

T handle cirrcuit board with new upgraded cover
T handle circuit board new upgraded cover


T handle circuit with new cover
T handle circuit, new cover replaces buttons


I have a trolley i bought 4 yrs ago from a company in Ireland called pro golf ireland. The company is not long in existence. My controls look very like the stick on control pad you have on your site except my trolley does not have the digital speed display in the centre. Have you any of these for a trolley with no digital display?

I only have the display panel cover with the display window on it. It is a sticky backed cover and to be honest the window shouldn’t matter to your trolley. The main thing is you are able to press your buttons through the display which are normally in the exact place whether it has a window or not.







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