Golf trolley battery display lights

Hi, I wonder if you can advise me as to what to check to see if working correctly my speed dial light goes to number 7 but when I put it on anything above 5 the green and amber lights go out that tell me what stage the battery is charged at, this happens even when the battery has been fully charged and at the start of my round.

To explain the display battery lights, they are there to measure the electric golf trolleys battery charge level, it shows how much charge is left in the battery.  Once your Pro Rider golf trolley is switched on and resting then this should indicate the correct amount of charge with an undamaged battery.

display battery lights

When the drive is started on the golf trolley the current is being drawn from the battery and gives a different reading because of this. So therefore if the lights go out its because the trolley is powering the motor at the same time and gives a distorted reading on the battery condition and so indicates accordingly, sometimes only the red light is on.  If the electric golf trolley display is flashing red this means the battery is too low and to be very careful in using.  If the red light is flashing while the trolley is not running, then switch it off and get the battery charged as soon as possible to avoid damaging the battery by running it down too low.






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  1. Alan avatar

    I have a powakaddy fw3, when I switch it on I get 2 green lights but when I turn the dial to get it to go forward it goes to red and cuts out I can here a clicking noise when this happens from around the main board. Could it be a new on off switch that is needed?

    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry, I don’t deal with Powakaddy at the moment, so I am unable to give you a definitive answer on the battery golf trolley display lights problem. My best guess from other golf trolleys would be the battery lead connection needing to be cleaned or replaced. A quick spray of WD40 on the connectors after cleaning, let me know if this works for you.

  2. Phil avatar

    Hi, I’ve just bought a second hand Proforce trolley.
    I’m not sure how old is , it’s the one with aT handle a-b switch, speed dial and off switch.
    It’s charged up ok , but not sure of the controls as I’ve not had a powered trolley before.
    I’ve been trying to find a handbook for it on the net , but can’t get one anywhere .

    Any suggestions ?.
    Thanks Phil

    1. Jim avatar

      Phil, I have a couple of manuals for similar electric golf trolleys. Give me an email see contact page and I’ll send you a PDF of as close a manual as I can find.

  3. Stuart Davis avatar
    Stuart Davis

    i have a stowmatic cg gxt
    just had it go wrong
    battery checked and shows 14.1 v
    when i turn speed dial the power to wheels seem to stop instantly then the green and amber lights go out
    if i lift the wheels off the ground they turn very slowly
    put it down and theres no power to move the trolley?????
    any info please

    cheers Stuey

    1. Jim avatar

      Seems the battery has power but batteries can do strange things if any cells are cracked. It could be the controller unit. Although I would first go around all the connectors especially the power battery lead and if possible borrow a battery.

  4. Gav avatar


    My Powakaddy FW3s still works but the display is now completely blank apart from the backlight. My feeling is that the board has gone but before I buy I new one I did wonder if in your experience it may just be the handle which is a cheaper item to buy.

    I hope you can help.

    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry Gav Powakaddy never granted me the dealership so I can’t say .

    2. Brian mckibb avatar
      Brian mckibb

      My fw7 has the same issue so just wondering if you have found out what the issue was so can get mine fixed


  5. vernon prior avatar
    vernon prior

    Hi, I have a Stowamatic golf trolley that is about 15 years old and have lost the instructions.
    New battery and connectors so have power but do not know what the lights on the control panel signify. It has a green light, amber light and 2 red lights and 1 other light. Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Jim avatar

      Not quite sure with this model but normally all 3 lights (green; amber; red) are battery indicators like full charge, then down to two (amber and red). means say half charged battery etc… Not sure of other lights.

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