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I have one of your trolleys STOWAMATIC GXT and have had for about 4 years now and recently to finish the round I have had to push it off the golf course. I play 2 to 3 rounds a week and its been great up until the end of last summer. I play over winter as well but can miss out a few holes but still end up pushing the damn thing. I think its the battery (the time I’ve used it) but also the charger as when I connect up to charge the light is green straight away it does charge. Please advise..

The golf trolley battery will only last a few 100 cycles of charging before it gets to the end of its life. The battery will gradually hold less and less capacity. This seems like a reasonable explanation for your golf trolley only covering say 14 holes instead of a full round 18 holes. The winter lower temperatures also can affect the battery’s capacity so it will show up more in low temperatures.

As for the charger, there is a good article post on the battery and charger and on how any malfunction of the battery charger can affect the battery itself. We always recommend checking the battery cable, making sure there are no connection faults especially when charging.

Golf Trolley not Charging the Battery


If your battery is charging even on a green light on the charger then it would suggest there is a fault with the charger. The charger should only charge while there is a red light on the charger.



The power indicator on my trolley goes from green to red as soon as I engage the gears despite the battery being fully charged. What should I do?

This would normally indicate the battery is not providing the current or voltage required of it as soon as it is under any demand and the circuit then thinks the battery is getting low. If possible try or borrow another battery first to check.






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  1. Jacki Milne avatar
    Jacki Milne

    Hi I brought a stowamatic electric two years ago. I didn’t use the trolley last year until last week due to knee surgery. The charger shows a red light when I plug it in. But then goes off after 5 seconds. It’s not charging. Is the problem the charger or the battery.
    The battery was stored under the stairs. So not in a damp place.
    I look forward to your help.

    1. Jim avatar

      When the battery shows a RED light it usually means it is charging the battery. If it goes to green then the battery has taken all the charge it can take. I presume it is working OK. Or could your connection be not very good i.e. the battery lead

  2. John kaftan avatar
    John kaftan

    My buggy fully charged @ 13.2v, use for14 holes starts to perform slower and even turns off completely. This is the 2nd battery in 12 months and play 2 times per week. When finish round the battery indicator is around 11.2v

    1. Jim avatar

      It depends on a couple of factors, but I’m not a battery expert, I can only guide you as to the faults. Just make sure the battery never gets fully run down as this will damage its capacity and perform as you stated. I have also come across this when a couple of plates have gone in a battery.

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