Flashing speed indicator on my Precision golf trolley

The speed indicator on my Precision GTX trolley, purchased in Aug 2013, started flashing during the tail end of my round today.  Although I upgraded from a 18 hole battery to a 36 hole battery three years back, I am assuming that this flashing behaviour indicates that the battery no longer has capacity to manage 18 holes on my course, it seems to only manage 9 holes of the course.  And that it might need replacing. I have looked in the manual that came with the trolley but there was no indication that my assumption was correct.

Can you confirm my thoughts?

The flashing LED display circuit board and near the end of the round if it has also been slowing in power then the battery is the issue.  Its most likely come to the end of its life cycle or if not then either been run too low or got damaged somewhere which is stopping it from storing a full charge.






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  1. John Corran avatar
    John Corran

    What batteries can you use with Waslin radio controlled golf caddy if you can’t replace the original?

    1. Jim avatar

      Just a matter of checking your battery rating for amount of Ah (capacity) and if it’s 12volt.

  2. John Lyttle avatar
    John Lyttle

    Why is my new 36 hole battery dying after about 10 holes? It is maintained on a proper charger. 13.6 volts at the start and still has 12.6 when it stops but won’t drive the trolley.

    1. Jim avatar

      Sometimes the battery can have a damaged plate cell, which stops the delivery of energy. Then it’s a new battery.


    my battery is fully charged randomly stops working in a round of golf. so i disconnect the battery, then reconnect the battery and turn on and then the battery starts to work again. do you know what causes that to happen.

    1. Jim avatar

      Most likely your battery lead connection. See fault finder page battery lead

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