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clubbers golf trolley problems and faults



I have a Clubbers electric golf trolley, and sounds like the relay has gone or the controller trolley. I’m after a new connector trolley that would fit however can’t seem to find one as one of the cables has 5 pins? Do you have a picture of the pins for the one you have for sale that is SIG T2D3-J-12V? Any help would be great, thank you

Golf trolleys will need to have compatible controllers and handle circuits in order for them to work. Saying that they also need compatible wired connections between these components. I know there were a few different models of Clubbers golf trolley, so for your version of the Clubbers trolley you would have to check on the handle circuit and the controller serial numbers. This would give me an idea if your trolley is compatible and whether I can supply any spare parts for it.

main wire colour sequences



I have acquired a clubbers trolley but the charger appears not to light up I believe it may need a new charger, do you have one which would fit? Believe it is a three-pin circular type.

The golf trolley battery charger I sell on the online store for the Clubbers golf trolley is a perfect fit and is the 3 pin round connector.



I’ve bought a clubber golf trolley with a 12 volt 6DZF22 Chilwee Chinese golf battery. I bought a charger from you last week because I don’t think the charger sent with the trolley was working. The battery is turning the wheels of the trolley but not a great push behind it. Is a 12-volt battery enough for this trolley.  Any guidance much appreciated.

I supply spares for the previous trolleys I used to build and sell. But I will try to see if there is anything I can shed light on for you.

I suspect the trolley is like the one in the photo I have attached. As for the battery, and 12 volts will be correct. The Ah is only the capacity. If it lasts the full round then it should? be ok. It is probably worth borrowing a different battery if possible just to see if the slow trolley performance is still there. Presuming the wheel clutches are working ok, the slow speed may come from the motor. I would try to find out if there is a burnt smell coming from the motor, in case it’s been run while being held e.g. left against a wall running, etc.

Occasionally a faulty golf trolley controller can cause the trolley to be slow, but if it scrolls and runs through the speeds uniformly then I suspect the electric motor may be at fault.


The trolley was perfectly ok – the coronavirus struck! After lock-down I checked the trolley over and put the battery on charge, but the lights on the control panel failed to light, the motor wouldn’t run but the battery had 13+ volts. There are 13+ volts going from the battery to the box under the battery tray, but still no lights. I checked your site for spares and you show one that seems to be very similar, i.e. S1G-12V-T2D3-J the bar code has been scuffed and what I presume is a date code is different 2017/3/22 NO 9.  Please can you help me? Is the fault likely to be this box?

Thanks for the perfect explanation of your trolley fault. Knowing the power is OK and getting to the controller box connector. Then I would think it is likely to be the controller box at fault. Assuming there are no breaks in the wires and the handle circuit is not causing a connector issue (in this type of case it’s most likely the controller).

The handle circuit model will determine the controller box model and if the circuit is a D64186 then the controller would have to be the S1G-T2D3-J-12V controller box. (Store product code SKU108)

The problem with the trolley may be the circuit board right enough. The support website mentions it is recommended to replace the two at the same time, controller, and circuit together. This is due to one component can affect the other. (Controller SIG-T2D3-J-12 must have the circuit D64186)

OK now I have the part but the trolley still doesn’t work. I have checked the continuity to the handle control unit, all ok, so it must be the handle control unit?

Controller SIG -T2D3-J-12









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  1. Don Foreman avatar
    Don Foreman

    When I plug the battery into my trolley the lights come on the control panel but there is no power to drive the rolls the speed adjustment is not responsive

    1. Jim avatar

      It’s nearly always a speed control switch which will need replaced. There is a fitting video on one page. I have them in stock on the buy spares page.

  2. kevin Broughton avatar
    kevin Broughton

    I have lost the control cover for the LCD unit. Where can i get a replacement

    1. Jim avatar

      I only have the original T bar shape cover.

  3. Allan Lennon avatar
    Allan Lennon

    Do you still sell golf trolley?

    1. Jim avatar

      Electric golf trolley sales will be something I will be organizing at a future date.

  4. John Baxter avatar
    John Baxter

    i am trying to repair a Clubbers Golf Trolly for a friend, the current is getting to the controller but nothing is showing on the display, I rewired the Trolly as the wiring looked a bit stretched and scruffy but did not cure the problem, from your previous diagnosis the next stage is to fit a new controller ( T2D3-12v) and circuit board, I also need a display cover.
    without the cover I am reluctant to fit controller etc. as I feel this was where the troubled started in the first place.
    Your thoughts please

    1. Jim avatar

      If it’s the newer winged handle then I have the rectangular T2 button covers (SKU2140) which if worn will let moisture into the handle circuit and blow it. Generally it is very difficult to know if it is the handle circuit at fault itself or it’s a possibility of the controller not feeding the circuit or both have popped due to damp getting in beneath the button display cover.

    2. John Baxter avatar
      John Baxter

      Hi Jim
      Do you think I should try a new cover and circuit board or would it be a bit chancy
      John Baxter

      1. Jim avatar

        If the wiring is ok, the motor working the battery feeding through ok then it can only be down to electronic component so I would suggest a replacement of circuit and controller as dampness may have caused one to blow the other.

  5. Adam avatar

    I have a new remote I purchased and it wont work with the trolley. Is there something i have to do to a new controller to make it sync and work with the trolley? Thanks

    1. Jim avatar

      To sync the remote control you have to follow a procedure shown by a person I found who made a video about this very thing on a YouTube video golf trolley sync

  6. Derek Hammersley avatar
    Derek Hammersley

    I have a clubbers remote control trolley, and the tyres have become so worn they fell off..Do you know where I can get replacements.
    Thanks and Regards Derek

    1. Jim avatar

      Tyres are difficult spares to get, so I am not sure as I don’t stock these types.

  7. Jim Fox avatar
    Jim Fox

    I have lost the Instruction book for my Clubbers Electric GolfTrolley. Can you help?

    1. Jim avatar

      I’ll have a look to see if I’ve got one on PDF and email it to you.

  8. John Horton avatar
    John Horton

    I would like to refurbish my Clubber trolley.
    I want to replace the light panel on the handle.
    and replace the controller/ battery connection wiring.
    What info would you require to identify the parts?

    1. Jim avatar

      Some models did vary slightly. The best thing if there are no identifying serial numbers on the parts is to send a photo if possible of the parts i.e. handle and/or circuit. The contact page has the email address half way down the page. admin @ I can tell you which parts work with which controllers or connections etc.

  9. Peter avatar

    I have a clubbers golf trolley with the 3 pin connector to the battery, I tried charging the battery for the first time in 2 years but no life when connected so if battery has been left that long without a charge would it be completely dead then won’t charge again?

    1. Jim avatar

      Just make sure the battery lead connector is good. From there occasionally you might get some charge in the battery, but most likely it won’t take a charge.

  10. Frank croney avatar
    Frank croney

    My clubbers golf trolley what do I need the speed controller does not work I switch it on and off to get the trolley to go and set the speed when I stop to play a shot I switch trolley off then on to move forward can you help what part do I need ?

    1. Jim avatar

      If you mean you can’t adjust the speed numbers up or down then you would need a speed control switch here. If the trolley runs away and have to unplug it then a new controller unit.

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