Ben Sayers Golf Trolley Controller

Ben Sayers Golf Trolley Speed Control Fault

I have a Ben Sayers golf trolley. Yesterday it just switched off and after a while, I managed to get it to turn back on. It would only run using the A B or C function or run at full speed 9. I have tested the potentiometer which appears to be OK. Is this fault the control module? Look forward to your advice. Trolley just over a year old, picture attached.

Reading through my first thought was the speed switch but as soon as you stated it would only run by going straight to top speed, immediately I thought the controller box malfunction. This is a common fault of a control module rather than the handle circuit, my best guess would be the controller. We have three types, so in order to make sure you get the right one I have a list of Ben Sayers golf trolley spares from controllers to handle circuits depending on the model year and type. Plus see the photos of handle circuits attached.

SIG-T2D3-J-12 must have the circuit D64186

Ben Sayers Golf Trolley Controller
New Ben Sayers Circuit sealed rubber.


With the rain, it is always worth checking the components are not damp and good dry out for a day or so, especially at the connections.  I would try a good squirt of WD40 around these connections, this will help and expel any damp or water.


Thank you for the prompt reply and advice. I played golf in torrential rain on Saturday and now suspect there may have been some water ingress as I stripped my trolley down on Sunday and removed all the components. On reassembly yesterday it appears to be working OK now. If the fault returns I will contact you to order a controller module. Many thanks again.

4 thoughts on “Ben Sayers Golf Trolley Speed Control Fault”

  1. I have a pro rider golf trolley.
    When I switch it on it all looks good.
    But when I put it into drive it seems to drain power and switch off,
    Any ideas will be welcome.

    1. Normally when the trolley is on and looks ok but when asked for speed it switches off completely- then this means it’s a connection. Probably a poor connection at the battery cable on either side. Either a clean up or replacement battery cable is needed.

  2. Hi hope you can help,my Ben Sayers all turns on but when I turn the speed control knob Im getting a clicking noise from Controller Unit(S1G-8-J12V-V)and wheels are not turning???
    Thanks Roy.

    1. Normally a click from the controller unit means it’s switching the current to the motor. So worth checking the motor itself with 12v supply and see if the motor turns on its own. If it turns from that separate feed, I would think a new controller unit is required.

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