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Ben Sayers golf trolley on off button not working

Q. The button does not stop my Ben Sayers golf cart I have to use the rheostat knob is it a faulty circuit board? the AB button controls the speed ok?  Also the button does not switch the cart off hope you can help?

A. This is definitely to do with the button on the circuit board. It could be the button on the circuit is not making contact with the display cover or the actual micro-switch button is broken. There should be either, for the older models, a rubber cover over the micro-switch (see photo) or from around 2017 models a complete rubber cover over the circuit board. The new board works better and also as an upgrade. These should make contact with the handle display cover so as when you press the display on/off button it depresses the rubber contact underneath which in turn presses the golf trolleys circuit microswitch. The best way to test this is to open up the golf trolley handle and check the function of the golf trolley from the circuit board buttons themselves without the display cover. If the trolley is not working from the circuit board test then, it will most likely need a new circuit board. (See our store for the Ben Sayers circuit board is on the 2nd row).

Q.I am a bit confused, my cart works fine it will not stop running when I press the on/off button but I can ear the button click when I press it, could it be the handle circuit board the No is D-64186.

A. I can’t say exactly but if the handle circuit board button seems to be working it can only be the controller causing this malfunction unless very rarely the main wire gets broken. The best thing to do is to check the circuit button is getting depressed, it tends to not click if it is broken but can’t say for definite. Have a wiggle around the main wire to see if anything changes.

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  1. My trolley is 2years old. The on off button works but when regulating the speed the numbers flash forward and backwards and it is difficult to set it to the speed required.

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