I only purchase my trolley in September 2018 and it hasn’t had any use through the winter. I use it more now but can only use it with difficulty, as the controls have a mind of their own – sometimes it doesn’t switch off and it is always irregular. I don’t think it is fit for purpose and should be glad to hear from you with your proposals to remedy this.
Thank you.

stowamatic golf trolley

I am here to help golfers who have problems with their electric golf trolleys, and I would be glad to try to help you, but I suggest in this instance you should first contact your Stowamatic vendor/retailer from whom you purchased the golf trolley. These golf trolleys have a 12-month warranty and since you purchased it 9 months ago, I would ask them to uphold their warranty agreement with you. Let me know how you get on and if needed I have the most common Stowamatic golf trolley spares and I am here to help in the future.

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