ProForce Golf Trolley Speed control erratic

I have a ProForce and the one of the display panel buttons is broken and speed controller is erratic. The handle has also got a piece missing from it. If I was purchase the ProRider handle plus the display Panel and circuit board would I have any issues installing in place of the existing handle?

The handle comes with the display cover panel on it. But I think it seems like you may need a speed control switch if the speed is erratic and not scrolling through the numbers smoothly when you turn the knob up and down. If the display circuit board LED shows ok, then it might be working, although I’m not sure as I’m only taking from what you have said. If its the T handle and the controller is the S1… etc. model then the T circuit is the one we have.

On closer inspection was clear that although the original handle was T shaped, the control board only had two buttons, so didn’t match the ProRider panel. So I took a chance and ordered a Stowamatic handle and speed control switch. It arrived today and it fitted perfectly. Biggest problem was getting the old handle off, brute force required. Now working perfectly again.






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