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My father-in-law has a pro force golf cart which has developed a problem of showing no power on the display when turned on. the battery is new and fully charged, the code he has is D61846 for the pcb board, is this correct, do you sell replacement boards to match this code, and is it the board that could be the problem, many thanks, Gordon

Its difficult to say for certain the actual fault, but it may be related to the controller box or wiring. With no power I would start on our website support page under the heading “NO POWER – GOLF TROLLEY CUTS OUT” Scroll down as this section is half way down the page. It will run through a few problems for you to check and test. Let me know how you get on.

Hi, do you do a controller for a proforce golf trolley? cheers.

If you can let me know the model of trolley. ie whether it is a LED display and has a T handle. Then yes this would be the correct controller. To be sure yours should say S1G …. or S1T … You can also check the circuit in the handle looks like the photo I’ve attached.

I have a proforce trolley and it is running at fast speed all the time,i think it is the control box that is faulty but dont know which one to have two that has the same connections but dont know which one to control box number is S1G-T2D3-J 12V ALSO THE OTHER NUMBER ON THE CONTROL BOX IS 20150828No.180 .CAN YOU HELP ME.

Sounds like your control box is faulty. But before purchasing, I would advise you to check your speed control switch . If you can turn the switch from zero to full then back as this can sometimes cause the full speed jam. When its a control box faulty it tends to just go to full speed from power on without touching the start button.


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  1. I left my prorider golf battery not charged connected for the whole winter season. When I charge it now it shows red then immediately green but does not work when I connect it up. All the charging unit is ok and the connections have only be used about ten times when i have finished playing. I can only play 9 holes max now

    Bernard Mee

    1. The ProForce and other golf trolleys which have the lead-acid standard batteries must be kept stored with at least 20% or more charge in them. This can be done by charging them every couple of months especially over the cold months. If the battery is allowed to drain lower than 9volts charge left, it will damage the battery and its capacity. This means the battery will charge fairly quick as its only taking around a 30% of its full capacity 9 say around 7-12 holes ) only.

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