Golf Trolley is not lighting up

My golf trolley LED panel doesn’t light up. I think my battery is fully charged, Kindly advise what I should do.

The S1G controllers are the correct for the ProRider golf trolley. We always recommend getting the LED circuit at the same time, this is because sometimes one faulty part can cause electrical failure in the other spare parts.


If we start with the most simple parts first, to make sure the battery lead is OK by checking when you plug in the charger and switch on the mains to charge, the charger should first show a RED light (even for a couple of seconds if fully charged then turn to Green light). If it only shows a green light I would check the battery lead.

If the above is OK, then I would also look at the main wires to make sure there are no breaks, especially at the folding section. Maybe a few wiggles and to see if it makes any difference in the wire. Also, check as many connections as possible by giving them a wiggle.  See power problems on the support page to go through various golf trolleys without power.  When the golf trolley does not light up there can be many issues causing this and it is best to start at the simplest first.






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