clubbers golf trolley clutch wheel

Clubbers golf trolley clutch

Why is my Clubbers golf trolley pulling to the left?

Hello, I’ve got a Clubber golf trolley? Is the nearest trolley compatibility wise is a pro master? My trolley is pulling to the left so I think the clutch system has gone. Maybe you can advise me further regarding compatibility etc.

I have a good test for the clutch system on the website. Google it for the following ” electricgolftrolley . net clutch ” This will take you to the website and test. It does like the clutch it’s quite common for it to wear out. the contact page is also there if you need advice.

Is the clutch set advertised compatible with the trolley?

I don’t know your Clubbers golf trolley type they changed slightly over the years, so I really can’t say without seeing a photo of the original clutch. But I am sure it will be the exact type of clutch.

Attached photo of the Clubbers inside the wheelclubbers golf trolley clutch wheel

Yes, I believe from the photo you sent it is the Clubbers golf trolley as in this photo below;

clubbers golf trolley



Hi, My trolley pulls to the left I can’t find a stockist for parts?

Can you let me know the make and model of the electric golf trolley?

I have a clubber golf trolley that pulls to one side do you carry spares for clubber?

It most likely will be your wheel clutch inner hub part. I am not sure of your model of the golf trolley so the best thing is to check out our clutch photos and if yours has the two prongs on the clutch that fit into the back of the wheel then it will be the same model.

Did you manage to have a look through the support page and links, I put the info into this page golf trolley clutch so that it would help customers decide if they need any spare parts in the hope it helped you.

Hi must say that you guys offer an amazing service I have looked at the website and I’m struggling to identify what clutch I have?  The truth is I no good at DIY plus finding the time to take the wheel off I will try this weekend once the weather warms up. Thanks for thinking and remembering me.






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  1. Fabian avatar

    Hello, do you have axis spring clip spares for Ben Sayers golf trolley?

    1. Jim avatar

      On the store there are 2 Axle Spring Pins fits Ben Sayers golf trolleys

      Store/Fits Ben Sayers golf trolley spares
      SKU 4115

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