Stowamatic Golf Trolley Wheel Clutch Pair

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Brand: Precision
UPC: 9501938477977

Precision Engineered Electric Golf Trolley Clutch Pair. These new UPGRADED golf trolley clutches are supplied and fit all non-remote control Stowamatic models from 2012 onwards.

These clutches are easily replaced by using a GOOD FITTING cross screwdriver to fit the two screws securely on the hub inside of the wheel. Be careful not to burr or damage the screw heads, it is advisable to put the wheel on the ground so as to put weight on the screwdriver for unscrewing. Unscrew both screws, then a large flat head screwdriver to prise off the whole metal clutch system, this can be firmly in place, so take your time and gradually go round prising off around the circumference.

Details of exactly the role and purpose of a golf trolley wheel clutch, why it works, and what it is for.

NOTE: If you require any further information please contact me.

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