golf trolley wheel keeps coming off

My right hand wheel keeps coming of intermittently once every 9 holes I’m sure the wheels are on the right side as I push the trolley the right hand wheel is on the same side as my right any thoughts

I would check there is no dirt clogging up the mechanism or inside the grove at the end of the golf trolley axle. I would suggest a good clean and a spray of WD40 to make sure the spring movement is fully engaging.  Full details and support for these spares can be found on the support page at golf trolley axle and spring clip.

Remove golf trolley wheel clip
Golf trolley wheel clip Original wheel
axle end

6 thoughts on “golf trolley wheel keeps coming off”

  1. Hi .hope you can help me
    I have a pro force electric golf trolley
    The right sidewheel keeps falling Off.. cleaned & cleaned with w.d.40. But still no joy
    The trolley is not that Old ..
    Please can you Help me ..
    Many thanks kevin

    1. Hi, It really depends on the type of wheel clip mechanism your golf trolley has on its wheels. We only sell the spring clips as shown in the online store. Instructions on fitting these clips are also Available on the support page.

    1. I suggest checking the photos an article of wheel clips on the SUPPOT page. This gives you the best idea of how the club works. If you are still having problems just contact me or email with photos of your axle and wheels / clips.

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