Is my golf trolley battery working

I have had a Stowamatic golf trolley for a few years and it is getting to the end of the round the display starts to flash, sometimes the whole trolley’s power turns off.  I try to turn it on again and it does come on but turns off again.  Could this be the battery or is there some other part of the trolley causing this?

Batteries rarely produce faults and if any will show in the first month.  The most important thing about batteries is; they are fragile although heavy, and maintenance is crucial, they have to be cared for specifically.  There are many things which can inadvertently damage a battery, like impact, temperature, charge conditions.  To avoid any damage and to keep in good condition, make sure it is charged each time as soon as possible after use. Don’t leave it on charge and try to keep in a dry place where it is not too cold. The first thing to check is your battery lead is working.  Many times the battery lead can be the cause by wither poor connections or break due to damage. Because batteries are fragile, if dropped it can damage the plates inside, most times this type of damage will not show symptoms of any impact, sometimes months later by that time the impact has been forgotten.    The most important part is never let the battery go down to zero charge (empty the tank) as this will null the warranty as stated in the manual.  ‘My golden rule is; the less the capacity drops with each use, the longer the life of the battery  – like topping up your petrol tank after each use and don’t let it go below a quarter tank’.

Battery over-discharge

As for the flashing LED display this normally means the voltage is not high enough.  It is possible to check if it is been discharged too low below 9 volts this renders all lead-acid batteries unable to take their full charging capacity.  If it is possible, sometimes they are sealed depending on the model,  to open it and if white deposits are seen this is the sign of over-discharge (according to the manufacturer).


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  1. Hi, I hope you can help, I have a Ben Sayer lithium battery electric trolley. The last few times I have played, when I get to around the 10th /11th hole, the trolley will cut out and screen will go blank. I then disconnect and reconnect the battery which turns the trolley on again, however it will cut out again pretty soon afterwards. I also noticed that when I disconnect / reconnect that as soon as I turn the dial to go forward, the green light goes out with just the amber and red remaining. I suspect that the battery is on its last legs but was hoping that you could give your opinion and either confirm or point me in the right direction . Many thanks .. PS If it is the battery do you sell replacements ?

    1. Batteries can do strange things. With standard battery their cells can die off in the middle causing this shut down problem. I’m really not sure but if possible to borrow one first or even a standard one to see if the same fault occurs.

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