Stowamatic Battery Lead

A Stowamatic golf trolley battery lead to fit the Stowamatic trolley. This golf trolley battery lead is easily fitted by way of opening up the battery bag and unscrewing the battery connectors either the nut or by cross screwdriver. On both the red coloured wire (positive terminal) and the black coloured wire (negative terminal). Replacing by the reverse process and making sure the wires go to the correct terminals or your Stowamatic trolley will sustain some component damage in the electrics.

Speed control switch for Stowamatic

The speed control switch will fit the Stowamatic golf trolley as a spare part. It is fitted inside the handle, therefore the instructions for fitting this spare part are more complicated but is supported by instructions and a video in our support section.

Stowamatic Golf Trolley Clutch

The Stowamatic golf trolley wheel clutch comes in either RIGHT or LEFT clutches this depends on which side as failed and a quick rule of thumb is ( if the trolley pulls to the right is needing a new right clutch if it pulls to the left it needs a left clutch. Full fitting instructions and videos also tests for these clutch failures are available in our support section.

Golf Trolley PCB and circuit boards for Stowamatic

The Stowamatic golf trolley has a LED display circuit board on its green handle. Knowing and testing for this as a malfunction is more difficult but full testing and fitting instructions and videos for the Stowamatic circuit board failures are available in our support section.

Controller Unit for Stowamatic

The golf trolley controller box for the Stowamatic golf trolley is located under the battery tray in a black plastic protected box with a lid held in by four cross screws. The controller is a more difficult spare part to figure out if its is the sole cause of a malfunction in the electrics. Diagnosing and fitting instructions and videos for the Stowamatic display controller are available in our support section.

stowamatic golf trolley

Stowamatic GXT Golf Trolley Specifications

GXT model is 36 hole 33ah (12V) GEL battery, Powerful 180w motor, with top speed of 8 km/h and the pulling power to tackle 30° inclines, will breeze up hills
Stowamatic Control Panel allows you to set the trolley to proceed a certain distance before stopping (10m, 20m or 30m) or at a certain speed
Digital LED Control Display displays the set speed (7 different speed settings) or distance (set the trolley to run for 10m/20m/30m then stop), Intuitive Twist Control allows for quick setting, Quick release folding mechanism – takes just seconds to fold down or assemble, Detachable ‘Sport’ rear wheels

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